In The Darkness

What she would find that day would change the world she lived in. Ancient pages would show her things that no one would ever believe and lead her to a land beyond her home town of Lockley.
Louisa McCain discovers an old diary in her basement, that tells her of a fantasy land that she could only dream of. She slowly gets entranced by the idea of the beyond, the potential that it holds. She becomes obsessed with finding this place called Philia, frantically scrambling to put together the clues and find the portal.
If she does, will it all be what she imagined or will she be plunged into a world that she wishes she'd never found?


7. Seven

I knew I wouldn’t drown, not with the angel with me. It was just the portal to Philia, swallowing me whole like a large mouthed beast, and transporting me to the place I had been searching for.

We emerged out of another lake, this time into blinding daylight, my angel’s strong, bronze arms wrapped around me.

Rolling emerald hills were carpeted in a rainbow of flowers, creating a multi coloured carpet with aromas of sweet perfumes. Butterflies flitted by, their wings spattered with intricate patterns that could only be created by the most delicate of hands. The place was full of life, bursting with colour and vibrancy that I had never seen before. It took my breath away.

A brook led away from the lake I now hovered above, twisting and turning through the mystical world I had just discovered, widening into a lazy river that left a blue ribbon meandering into the distance. Miles away, tiny white washed cottages bordered the river banks, their thatched roofs perfectly woven, not a stick out of place.

“Do you like it?” My angel whispered to me.

“I love it.” I replied in a daze, my eyes hurrying to take in the remainder of the extravagant landscape that lay before me like a painting.

I looked up to the soft blue sky that was decorated with a few puffs of cotton cloud. There were three suns that all burned brightly side by side in a warm unity as they made their ascent up the azure expanse. Some foreign birds soared among the rays of shining light, there petroleum feathers shifting colour in the sun’s effervescent light.

I was enraptured by this fantasy land, not believing what I was seeing.

“Seeing is believing Louisa. This is all real. This is my home.”

I couldn’t believe anyone could live here in this place. It would be my dream come true to be able to even visit a place like this never mind live in it.

My mouth stayed in an expression of shock as I continued to notice every tiny detail of the landscape in front of me. It was like a masterpiece that should be hung in the best position possible in an art gallery, for all the people to see and marvel at its beauty and sheer perfection. No photograph could do this justice. It would create too many flaws and imperfections to be viable.

“I have something else to show you.” We had now landed on the ground. He clasped my hand within his, and then led me along towards a mountain range behind us.

We walked at a leisurely pace towards the snow-capped peaks, their faces a deep black-purple; the colour of the night.

Just then a tiny kitten walked past, her fur a smoky grey, her eyes an entrancing ice blue. She sent my angel a wary look but trotted straight over to my feet, rubbing her tiny head against my calves.

My heart melted at the sight of the tiny creature. It seemed so helpless in such a vast area, yet she seemed comfortable in my presence and among the many creatures of this world.

“Hello” I cooed, scratching her behind the ears, causing a tiny purr to come from her tiny body.

I scooped her up into my arms, tickling her tummy as she wriggled with glee, clearly happy to be gaining my attention. Her eyes narrowed a little as she glared at something to my right. I turned to see what was bothering her, not wanting the little kitten to be harmed by anything.

I saw my angel, who was glaring back at her, his eyes hardened to steely silver as oppose to their normal liquid splendour. His gaze melted to mercury as soon as he saw me looking, the kitten’s eyes still two blocks of ice piercing his eyes.

“I think we should leave her here.” He recommended, gazing into my eyes, pleading with me to leave the kitten here, “She might have an owner who is looking for her.”

“Of course.” I replied, feeling stupid for assuming she was just a stray. “Good bye little kitty.” I whispered in the tiny creature’s ear, giving her warm middle a final squeeze before releasing her onto the ground.

“Let’s go now. I still have to show you that something.” He muttered into my ear, his full lips just brushing my sensitive ear lobes.

He grasped my hand, leading me over towards the mountains we had been headed for before I had been distracted.

I looked back to see the kitten still sitting there, her cornflower blue eyes pleading with mine. I had a niggling feeling in my gut that I should go back and scoop her up into my arms and take her with me to wherever we had to go. It would be nice to have some normalcy with me; it is not every day an angel comes out of your local park’s pond and takes you away through the portal you’ve been searching for for months on end and to the world you’ve only ever dreamed of.

I knew my angel was right though, she could have an owner out there who was desperately looking for her. I couldn’t do that to someone, couldn’t take away something that they loved so much.

I turned away from her, taking in her silvery grey fur with the tabby cat markings, her pointy ears and her now drooping tail. I saw her plodding away just as I averted my gaze, her tail like a pendulum, swinging heavily back and forth.

“Here we are. This is the place I’ve been meaning to show you forever.”

“Forever?” I asked, my eyebrows crinkling a little in confusion.

“Yes, my Louisa, I have been waiting for you for millennia now, pursuing you in all of your life times.” His eyes locked with mine, turning my legs to jelly as his face leaned in closer to mine.

I didn’t even know the angel’s name, yet I had a feeling he was telling the truth. He just had that vibe about him that made him seem trustworthy, someone I should listen to.

His lips brushed against mine, light as a feather. I was expecting something magical to happen, like the mental fireworks and electricity that all the romance novels talked about in such depth, but there was none of that. It was just the warmth of his perfect lips on mine and a slight dizzying feeling; nothing too special. I suppose the fictional characters were just exaggerating their feelings, though. None of them things seemed realistic in any ways.

I pulled away, rocking a little as my head spun wildly.

“Careful there, my Louisa.” He smiled a smile that must have broken a million hearts. It was so dazzling that it increased the dizziness I was experiencing.

I swear I saw tiny wisps of twinkling blue smoke leaving my mouth every time I breathed and going into my angel, but I dismissed it as just a hallucination, discounting it as side effects of my sudden faintness.

“Let’s get you inside; you seem a little faint, my Louisa.” He picked me up in his muscular arms, carrying me inside a small cave that I hadn’t noticed before.

It was amazing architecture, with a skilfully created dome room, made completely of the mountains dazzling rock, which I could now see had many crystals embedded in the midnight rock, creating the effect of the night sky with thousands of dazzling, glittering stars.

The room itself was very relaxed, with a vibrant fire burning in one corner and several plush sofas circuited the space. Tall columns stood between the sofas, emitting every colour of the rainbow. They looked like lava lamps, yet the light was constant and clearly natural.

The floor was covered in a patchwork of rugs, which normally wouldn’t fit together, but came together like separate pieces of a jigsaw, creating a warm feel to the room; an almost homely feel.

This felt more like home than my house. It just felt like I belonged there, on one of those sofas curled up with a book, warming my feet by the fire.

A small archway led through to what appeared to be a hallway, which most likely led to a bedroom or two. Its high point flawlessly reached up the side of the smooth walls. This place had literally been carved by angels.

“Do you like it?” He whispered, circling his arms around my waist.

“It is beautiful.” I breathed, still in awe of the place.

“Good, because you’ll be staying here a while.” He announced, leading me through the archway and into the wide hallway.

“Through here is my room,” he pointed to a closed door on the left, “and this is your room...for now.”

He led me through a partially open door and into a spacious but inviting room. A large double bed took centre stage in the middle of the back wall, exploding with plush cushions of various lavish silks. The duvet was a peacock blue that dazzled streaks of vibrant green in the low lighting of the room. There were no windows, yet the room was light enough with the light that hung from the ceiling, surrounded by hundreds of teardrop crystals that caused the light to become an oceanic glow that encompassed the space.

I couldn’t believe this would be my room. I never even dreamed of living in such luxury, such magnificence. It was like all of my dreams put together; then everyone else’s dreams on top of that.

“I’ll leave you here to adjust to your surroundings whilst I get you something to eat.” My angel said, and then walked out of the room and into the bare hallway.

I was alone, finally able to think through the rushed events of the past few hours. At least they seemed like hours, it could have been longer or shorter for all I knew. I knew of no time period for this place. I knew nothing of their culture or their people. Was it just the angels that dwelled here, or were there more species?

I had a lot to learn, that was the only thing I could be certain of at that moment in time. Everything else was hazy from the angel’s lingering presence, the angel who I had yet to find out the name of.

It seemed like one of those fantasy novels that you find all over the library, where the guy has some form of supernatural feature and declares he has loved you for centuries and has been following your soul for centuries etcetera, etcetera. It felt a little cliché, yet felt kind of right at the same time.

I didn’t one hundred percent know whether I should trust him or not yet, my heart told me yes, as did most of my head, but there was a tiny niggling in my gut that everything was always wrong. I had always been told to listen to my gut instinct, but this time I chose to ignore it, dismissing it as just me being overcautious.

I had never been the most adventurous person in life; never the one to take chances and the leap that could either go wrong or right. I had always stayed in my comfort zone, following the main path that life showed me, never veering off that to try and find something better.

I thought that, just this once, I would try to take a step of the path, take the leap of faith, and just hope that it went right instead of wrong.

I lay on the bed, relaxing into the mounds of cushions, feeling my whole body completely shut down as my head made contact with a pillow and the plush mattress absorbed me wholly.


I was awoken by the scent of food, the warmth flooding all my senses and making me feel that sense of home yet again.

I rose from the bed, following my nose down the hallway to the source of the scent. It smelt like heaven and hypnotized me with its intoxicating aroma.

I arrived in the room I had entered into yesterday, being entranced by more than just the scent of the food now. My angel, who I still did not know the name of, stood before a stove, cooking some food for us to eat.

“Louisa.” He smiled, meeting my eyes, melting me to the core with those mercury eyes. He walked lithely over from the stove, almost predatorily, enveloping me in his strong, tan arms, his head resting perfectly on top of my own. He planted a sweet kiss on my forehead, and then moved reluctantly away to tend to the food.

“Breakfast will only be a few minutes, my love.” He called as I sat on one of the chairs in the main seating area.

My mind reeled with how quickly my life had changed, not believing that just yesterday I had been still stuck on the riddle that would tell me how to get here, to the one I was meant to be with. Finding that diary was no fluke, it was meant to be. The fates had premeditated this whole sequence of events so it played out exactly as they wanted to so I could find the one I was meant to be with.

“Here you go, my love.” My angel said, handing me a plate of steaming hot bacon and two fried eggs, just the way I liked it.

“Thank you.” I smiled up at him, accepting the short sweet peck on the lips he gave me. It felt like a small part of me went with him every time he kissed me, connecting us even more every time.

He didn’t eat anything, which I thought was rather strange, but maybe angels didn’t have to eat anything like bacon and eggs. I didn’t know. To be honest, I didn’t even know my angel yet, even though he seemed to know everything about me already.

“It seems like you know everything about me, yet I know next to nothing about you.” I said, glancing up at him, a smile pulling at my lips.

“I forgot you know nothing about me.” He smiled, laughing a little at his forgetfulness. “It’s just I’ve known you in other lives and you’ve never changed in any of them, so I know everything there is to know.”

“Let’s start with the basics then,” I began, “What’s your name?”

“I’m Zachariel, but you always call me Zach, just you.”

“How old are you, Zach?” A smile spread across his face, cracking wide open with the use of the name I apparently used for him. He came and sat next to me, placing his mouth next to my ear. Then he whispered, “That’s for me to know, and for you to never find out.”

“That’s unfair!” I cried jokingly, smacking him on the arm.

“Ok! Ok!” He exclaimed, putting his arms up to defend himself against my light hits, “In human years, you would probably say I am about...seventeen, possibly sixteen.”

“And in angel years?” I pressed, hoping to get an answer.

“As I said, that is for me to know and you to never find out, my Louisa.” He tapped me on the nose endearingly, wrapping me in his arms once again.

“Is there anything else I need to know about you?” I asked, looking up into his liquid silver gaze.

He tapped his chin as he thought, then replied, “No, there’s nothing that interesting about me really.”

“I’m sure there is!” I exclaimed, “You’re an angel! What’s not interesting about that?”

“To you, maybe it is interesting, but there are plenty of angels in Philia.”

“There has to be something you could tell me about yourself that sets you apart from the rest.”

“There is one thing...” he said cryptically, a grin spreading across his face.

“And what is that, Zach?” I asked, becoming a little impatient with his riddles and constant avoidance of my questions.

“I have you.” He whispered, his lips hovering over mine before taking the plunge and connecting with mine again.




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