You don't even know me

Do you know how it feels to be the hidden girl? Well i know it. Nobody can get through me. But then i meet him. Can he help me?


2. Shopping

Skylar's POV

Once again: Ugh. I hate School. Today wasn't that bad because of Jay. He didn't understand so much so he just kept texting with me. Under the table of course.

"Skylar" I heard a whisper. I looked around but couldn't find anyone who may have said it.

"Skylar!" This time it was louder and came from the back of me. I turned around to see Jay's blue eyes looking at me. He gave me a post-it. 'Give me your phone number so we can text because i'm bored as hell' I chuckled. I wrote it ond the post and gave it back to him. A few seconds later my phone buzzed.

From: Unknown

I don't understand anything that the teacher says... HELP ME

To: Jay

Calm down hes just talking about europe.. lol

From: Jay

oh... well then. What are you doing?


We kept on texting us nothing till the end of the schoolday. As I headed home i put my headphones in and started Ed Sheeran.

I wanna be drunk when I wake up. On the right side of the wrong bed.


Jay's POV

I saw Skylar standing in the hallway putting headphones in.

"Skylar." i shouted to her. "Skylar!" once again. She turned around and started smiling.

"Hey."-"Hi erm I wanted to ask if you wanna come to my party next Friday?"-"Erm I usually don't go to Parties. But sure. Okay."

Sh eturned back around and was in her own world. YAY she's coming. Shit! I haven't planned a Party! In Ireland this is a good pick-up line because there is always a Party somewhere. But here... I have no Idea. When me moved here my mum got me an apartment by myself to take responsibility. It was still in the same house. Well.. Time to buy some snacks and invite people.


Skylar's POV


He asked me to come to his Party.. wow my first Party since Scotland. Nobody ever invited me here and I was ok with that. Oh my gosh! I have nothing to wear!

"Mum!"-"yes honey?"-"I need to go shopping. I'll be back in 1 or 2 hours."-"Ok then." she gave me a kiss on my forehead and handed me the car keys.

What should I wear... Shorts? no. Dress? no. Ok Maybe... But a hot one! He has to like me. Why do I even care? I mean he's cute ok no he's hot and nice. But he just hangs out with me because I can talk with him without problems.

I started blasting the radio through my car and suddenly felt better. Music always helps. "So guys this was the wanted with 'glad you came'. Call if you want to hear your favorite song." I quickly took my phone and called the number. "Hey. Welcome to radio 24. What song do you want to hear?"-"Say somethin' by Austin Mahone please."-"Your welcome what your name love?"-"Skylar" Soon after the call ended the DJ played my song.

I see you walk by, extra fly, baby where you going, can I roll? living beach life, feeling right... Oh gosh I love that song. I kept singing till I was at the parking-lot of the mall. 

I looked thhrough every store to find the right dress. No luck. There was one store left. I looked around and found it. The perfect dress. It was black with one long sleeve. On the sleeves were sequins. It was short but further than just under my ass. I loved it.



YAY I'll update as soon as possible. Tell me what you think.



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