You don't even know me

Do you know how it feels to be the hidden girl? Well i know it. Nobody can get through me. But then i meet him. Can he help me?


1. Introducion

Well.. Hi. I'm Skylar. I'm 17. I live in Switzerland. I was raised in Scotland but my family had to move to Switzerland because of a Job. I don't like talking with other people. Ok I don't like to do anything with other people. It hurts to much. I'm a loner.

I would describe me like this if you asked me who I was 3 years ago. I changed. I changed a lot and just because of him. I'm gonna tell you my story.


Skyla's POV

"Mum!!!"- "What is??"- "Where is my School Bag??"-"Under your desk!" as you may have figured out it was a School Day. Ugh I hate School. Ugh I hate Mondays. It was the Monday right after winter vacation. In School I spoke German, but at home I spoke English. In School I didn't really have to speak so it was okay. 

I checked myself the last time in the mirror. I put my blonde hair into a messy bun. I had my favorite black skinny jeans on with a grey sweater. I quickly got into my boots and pulled a beanie over. "Bye mum!"-"Bye Honey!"

I headed out to the door and soon I hated my Monday even more. The cold air punched me in the face. Trying to escape from the sting-feeling I started to run to my School.

As soon as I arrived I earned a few glares. You know I'm not nice to ANYONE so they all hate me. I'm good in School and I would not say I am ugly... I'm still a Loner. And I like it.

"Morning Class!" my annoying teacher greeted.

"Morning Miss." everybody answered.

"Ok. So today we have a new student! Please Welcome Jay!"

A handsome boy walked shy next to my teacher.

"He's from Ireland. So Skylar you have to introduce him because you are the best in English of course." she said in German. oh no. no no no. I stood up and walked annoyed to Jay. He smiled at me but I just shot him a death glare. His smile quickly disappeared and he looked at his feet.

"Skylar would you please show him the School?" my teacher asked.

"Sure" I answered and took him by his hand to get away as soon as possible from my class.

"So why do you have to lead me?" he asked as soon as we were out of the classroom.

"I lived in Scotland so I am the best English-Speaker."-"Oh. Why does everyone in this classroom look at you like they wanna kill you?"-"Well...Im not really the nicest person. I'm mean to everybody I don't like and I'm not gonna change that. I don't like my School members so..."

We fell in an awkward silence.

"Is that not boring always to be alone?" he asked to break it.

"I like being alone." I answered and showed him my school.


Jay's POV

I really liked her. She was cool and didn't cared what others thought of her.

"So why are you here, in Switzerland?" she asked me.

"My dad got a new Job down here." I explained.

"You have a really cute Irish accent" she said with a smirk.

"Thanks. When you're in Ireland nobody notices that." I said making her laugh.

"Do you like music?" I asked hoping to keep the small talk up.

"Yeah. I really like Ed Sheeran. His lyrics just fit" she said with a small smile playing around her lips.

I started singing 'the A-Team' really loud and pretty bad. She bursts out into laughter mixed with giggles.

"NO!" she yelled between her laughs, "You ruined everything!" she said still giggling.

"I like your laugh" I said with a now lower voice. She looked up to me and grinned. She lightly punched me in the arm. "OW! OW! OW!" I whined. She look at me and started laughing again. What a cutie.

"How old are you?" I asked after she calmed down.

"I'm 17. You?"-"17. Do you have any siblings?"- "No. What about you?" - "Me neither."


The 'tour' finished and we walked back into the classroom. She headed to her seat in the very back and put on a poker face. Wow that was a good poker face. I walked back and sat next to her for the rest of the lesson.


SOOOO.. this is my first Movella so please say if its horrible :D btw this is her outfit:

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