To Love and To Cherish


1. Meeting him 1

*To love and to Cherish* Chapter 1 :)   Your's Pov   It's my fifth day in school. I'm not nervous at all. I have a few friends. I woke up into morning rays of the sun in my windows. I stood up and stretch. I went down to see my Mom who's cooking some pancakes I guess.   'Good Morning Mom!' I said to her. 'Good Morning Y/N! Are you still nervous? It's your fifth day in your school.' my mom asked me 'No, Mom. I meet a few friends.' I said to her getting some pancakes. 'Great!' she said handing me the pancakes. 'Yeah mom' I said to her and chewing the delicious pancakes.   I look up to see what time it is and it's 7:30. Crap! I only have 30 mins. I quickly eat the pancakes and went to the bathroom to take a bath and wear a plain white t-shirt and a black skinny jeans and went down again.   'Mom! I'm gonna be late in school. I gotta go now. Bye, Love you Mom!' I said while wearing my vans shoes. 'Okay dear, Take care! Love you too Y/N!' she said and kiss me in my cheeks.   I quickly left to my house and walk cause my school is just close to my house. As I was walking I bumped into someone its....   Hey Guys! I'm new! I hope you like my Fanfic :)
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