To Love and To Cherish


2. I can't believe it!


*Gotta Be You* Chapter 2 :)   Your's Pov   It's Harry Styles. My jaw dropped and my eyes were widened. My books fell down when he bumped me.   'I'm so sorry love.' he said with thick british accent and pick up my books. 'It's okay, it's not your fault.' I said with a little laugh. 'Here you go love' he said giving me my books. 'Thanks Haz. It's nice to meet you but I got to go now cause I'm getting late in school. I said and walk pass him. 'WAIT!!!!!!' he say. I turned around and he come to me. 'Can i borrow your cellphone?' he asked and i give him my cellphone. I think he wrote down his number. And finally he give my cellphone back. 'I wrote down my number, I'd like to talk to you more. So, text me later?' he say and looked at the ground.  'Uhmmm. Sure' i said to him. 'Great! Goodbye ...?' he said asking my name. 'It's Y/N.' i said shyly. 'Okay. Goodbye Stella. it's nice to meet you.' he said and kiss me in the cheek. I blushed. 'You too Haz. It's nice to meet you too.' i said and left.   What do you think guys? Leave a comment~! ~Averil~
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