I'll be okay.

This Is my story. I'm Isabella Alden, I'm 17.I love my mom, dad and brother. I have no other family. At school they say I'm popular, so I have a lot of what you can call 'friends'. I have it all right ? But one day everything will change. A car accident will take away the ones I love and leave me almost all alone. But I will meet my 4 new best friends and the love of my life. But will everything be fine when the person who is after me would do anything to kill me ?


4. Goodbye ?


Isabella hasn't talked since 'I'll be okay. Just not today.' Those words were turning around in my head. I needed her to say something. She wouldn't smile neither look at any of us, when doctors would ask her some question, she would just nod. Her eyes were motionless but every time Jacob would come in she would cry. He gave her hugs but she would never react. She seamed dead but alive. Jacob would be released today so I decided to bring him back to his house with Louis. He gave us the address and we put it in the GPS. "What are we gonna do with Isabella ? She can't stay like this. Her condition is worse than before cause she doesn't want to live anymore." I had tears in my eyes while saying that. Since the first time I saw her in the hospital and our eyes met. I... I just felt something between us. I don't know what it is, but it was there and I needed to know she was okay. But she wasn't. "We're here." We all looked up but couldn't believe what was in front of us. Nothing. Just ashes and some broken down house. "Oh my god. That can't be possible." Jacob was crying. Of course he would that's just normal. We all walked out. Almost everything disappeared. We called the police and 15 minutes later they were there. "Mr. Alden ? Hi I'm officer Green from what we have seen here this was an accident, we have no prove of it being done on purpose. We will tell you more about it later. Here is all we could collect." He gave a box to Jacob with a few items, some clothes, some objects, some pictures but almost everything was gone. Tears were running down his cheeks. "Euhm... we have an extra room. You can stay with us till you find something better." Louis said looking at me. I nodded. "Thank you guys. I'll try to stop college and find a job to pay you back." "No, finish college so you can find a good job and have a safe life for you and your sister." I looked at him with a smile.

The ride home was silent, we when to the penthouse that we owned and once we got in, Jacob closed the door behind him. "There's no way it was an accident. Only my parents and sister live. Euh... Lived there." I looked at Louis who was looking back at me. We all thought the same thing, it was the men from the casino. After a while of thinking and talking we went back to the hospital.


Jacob could be released. I was happy for him but I couldn't stop thinking about the death of my parents. It made me sad, depressed actually. I couldn't smile or laugh or even be mad, I tried but no emotions were possible not even a fake laugh. I would cry every time I saw Jacob but I couldn't say anything. I didn't have anything to say. I really would want to show the guys how happy I am they helped me and my brother. I wanted to smile for Harry cause I know he was looking at me with a feeling I had lost. Hope. I felt something for him but I guess it wasn't enough to make me smile. I may have lost the strength to show my emotions but I still felt them. I think there is some sort of thing between us but I'm not sure cause I don't know him. Tears were falling again. Zayn, Liam and Niall came rushing next to my bed. "What's wrong ?" "Is something hurting you ?" "Do you want me to call a nurse ?" I just shook no. My cheeks were burning from the crying and my body felt sore. It may seem exaggerating to say what I'm gonna say but for the first time in my life, I felt meaningless. I stood up and walked towards the door. I was meaningless I wanted to go to where my parents were. I lost consciousness. Goodbye. I will go to where my parents are.


We were waiting till the others came back. I felt bad for Isabella. I mean she just lost her parents, that wasn't fair. She couldn't talk, she didn't eat, her eyes looked dead, she never smiled nor anything of emotion. I felt like she was fading away. I think that the only thing that made her stay was Jacob and maybe even Harry. They may not have realized it but they looked in love. The way their eyes met and stayed for a couple of seconds the night we found her, it felt just like they were meant for each other. He gave her hope, a reason to live. But was that enough ? I mean she wasn't healthy yet and she was actually not getting better at all. Suddenly she started crying. We all went next to her bed asking her questions but we knew she wouldn't answer. She just stood up and tried to walk what wasn't easy with her injuries. She was wobbling, her legs were thin and she just looked so weak. We saw her fall and Liam caught her. I ran out the door and called for a nurse. She came in and Isabella was already laying down in the bed with Niall and Liam next to her. The nurse took her heartbeat then ran out and call for a doctor when she came back she asked us to get out of the room and wait in the waiting room.

After a while Harry and Louis were here. "Why aren't you with her ?" Harry asked. I think he saw the looks on our faces cause he reacted in a rush. "What happened ? She's gonna be okay, right ?" No one answered so just said. "I don't know, mate. They threw us out in a rush. It seamed pretty serious... We're sorry."
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