I'll be okay.

This Is my story. I'm Isabella Alden, I'm 17.I love my mom, dad and brother. I have no other family. At school they say I'm popular, so I have a lot of what you can call 'friends'. I have it all right ? But one day everything will change. A car accident will take away the ones I love and leave me almost all alone. But I will meet my 4 new best friends and the love of my life. But will everything be fine when the person who is after me would do anything to kill me ?


13. First date and getting ready.


Louis opened the door of his car for me, I thanked him and went in as he closed the door. He came next to me and started the engine. He turned on the music and 'I would' came on. Before I realized, Louis and I were having a blast, singing on top of our lungs. It was so funny. At the end of the song I couldn't stop smiling. It was pretty fun already. What I liked about Louis so much was that he was obviously hot, but he was very easy to be around with. You didn't have to be serious or normal, you could just be yourself. Maybe I was falling in love more than I expected.

We both got out of the car as I started to see girls staring. I felt a bit uncomfortable. I looked down and just followed Louis. I felt him taking my hand as he whispered something to me. "Don't worry. They probably won't leave us, I'm sorry for that but let's just have fun." He had realized I didn't feel very good about the situation.

After a couple of minutes I forgot the fans. Yes, I heard people say some nasty things but I was with Louis and that's all that counted. I have to be honest I did get insecure once or twice but after a while i just didn't care anymore. We arrived at the cinema and chose our movie. The impossible. I had wanted to see it for a while but I couldn't find the time for it.

We went in the line. "Two tickets for 'The impossible' please." "That'll be £13.20, pl- Oh my god. You are Lo-" The woman had recognized Louis but he cut her off before she could scream his name and a thousand of fans would surround us. "Hello, miss. It's nice to meet you. I don't mind signing anything or taking a picture but I'm on a date right now and I would like it to go well cause I really like this girl and I'd want it to be a calm date." He said he liked me... Oh my god he did ! Well, it doesn't mean anything. I like Niall, Harry, Liam and Zayn as well. But not like I liked Louis. The woman looked pass Louis at me and glared. She then took her gaze of me and looked back at Louis, a smile reappearing on her face. "Could you take a picture with me and sign me an autograph ?" She asked. "I will cause I love my fans, but please do not glare at people I care about." That surprised me. I didn't think he had seen that but he did.

After they took the picture, we attracted more attention but it was still fine. He payed for me, for the popcorn, for the drinks and some candy. I took my ticket and went all the way up. In front of me, I saw couple seats. You know those where you have 2 seats next to each other without having something to separate them. I sat down and Louis sat down next to me. I could feel our arms touch and I got extremely nervous.

The movie began and it was really good. At like 1/4 of it I felt Louis' arm lift and he put it around me. Yes I know, it sounds cliché but it was cute in a way. I snuggled closer to him. I could feel myself blush, my heart was beating very fast. It felt like a dream. We continued the movie, sometimes it was sad, but I was always happy in his arms.

The movie was over now, it was 4. He stood up and took my hand. We left the cinema like that, walking hand in hand. He opened the door again and I stepped into the car. "I had a lot of fun today." He said coming into the car as well. "Me too. Thank you." He looked at me and smiled. "I like you Babette, a lot." You could see he was honest. "And that's why I would want you to go on another date with me tonight." I think I was really blushing by now. "I would really want that too." He was about to start the car when he turned towards me. "And..." I didn't understand what he wanted. Then I hit me. "Oh my god, Louis ! Of course I like you too." I looked at him and he looked happy. He started the car and we went home.


Oh my god ! Zayn had asked me out ! I had been waiting for that for so long. I had wanted to tell Isabella but Harry told me she was sleeping. It had been three hours. Babette should be here every second now and I had to be ready in an hour and a half. I decided to wake Bella up. She usually helped us get ready. I opened the door. "Knock knock, you awake ?" "Hmmmm... Go away, I don't want to see your face." "You what ? You'll see what you get for this, you, pighead !" I ran towards her and jumped on her bed. I really wanted to hit her with a pillow but I thought it would hurt her. "Hey, I heard someone yell is everyth- Woaw, are you girls having a make out session ?" Niall said laughing followed by Harry. "Are you okay, love ? Need me to save you from her ?" Harry asked smiling. "Nah she's fine. Can you tell Babette to come here when she arrives ? We're gonna get ready for our dates." I went over to Harry. "Don't worry, I'll make her pretty for you." I said making him laugh. "Hey !" Bella screamed also laughing. "She doesn't need that, she's always pretty." He said smiling. Harry was cute, a bit cheeky but cute and he cared about Isabella and that was the most important thing for Babette and I. "Cute ! Now, chop, chop, get out !" I closed the door behind him. "He thinks you're pretty." I said singing. "Yeah... Whateve's" She was blushing, obviously. "I need your help !" I said like a 5 year old girl. "Okay, okay. I'll help you." She stood there thinking for a second before asking me questions. "So you're obviously the 'sexy' type, right ?" She asked. "DUH !" "Did you pack your blue Versace dress ?" How could I have forgotten it. Well I mean I didn't expect me to go on a date with Zayn freaking Malik ! "Nope. I didn't pack a lot." She was thinking again. "Do you have any cocktail dress with you ?" "Of course ! I never leave without a dress." It was true I always had something nice to wear. "Tell me you have your Balmain." "I do !" "Great ! And you're heels ? The, euhm... The Loub- !" I cut her off. "Have them." I could imagine my outfit in front of me, I just had to be sure of what Babette was going to wear cause I really needed her clutch. "What are you wearing ?" Babette asked jumping on the bed. "You know the Balmain, bustier dress ?" She nodded. "Well I'm wearing that. Can I borrow your Swarovski clutch. And how was your date ?" Bella suddenly sat up. "Date ?" Babette blushed. "Oh my god ! I thought it was tonight." "It is but we went to the movies together." She was smiling. "So ? What happened ?" You could see Bella was happy for both of us but she wasn't 100% happy, not even close. Would she ever be 100% happy again ? I don't think so. All I could do was hope. "He payed for the movie, candy, drink and popcorn. We shared couple seats, he put his arm around me and he said he liked me." "Ieeep !" I exclaimed. That was just so not like me." "I'm happy for you, Babette !" Isabella added. "Girls, go take a shower so you get ready I'll help you." Babette took a shower in our bathroom and I took a shower in Bella's bathroom. We still had more than an hour.

I got out and put my clothes back on so that I could go to my room. I came out of the bathroom and saw Bella with tears in her eyes. "Hey babes, you should go take a shower and cool off." She knew it was a good idea. I helped her up and brought her to the bathroom. "Tell Babette to wear her Balmain black and white blazer with some black jeans, maybe you could lend her the white corset top you wore the first day at the hospital." She said. I turned the shower on and told her I'd be back quickly. I went to my room and saw Babette standing in her towel in front of the dresser. "She said you have to wear this." I took the few items Isabella had told me Babette should wear. She tried them on and it fitted her perfectly. I tried my dress on and it wasn't bad but it wasn't completed yet. We put on our bathing robe wanting to be sure no one wold see us half ready. "How is she ?" Babette asked as I closed the door. "She was almost crying on her bed." "Who was ?" We turned around and saw Harry coming out of the room all the way in the back. "Harry, you should stop worrying." Babette said. He just stood there looking down. He seem like a sad little 4 year old.

We went into the room and Babette helped Bella out of the shower. "So what are you gonna wear ?" I asked smiling, obviously knowing where I'm going with this. "What ? Euh... The same as before. I'm only staying home... I mean here..." "No you're staying here WITH Harry, there's a difference." "You have to be a little more sexy." I added giving her the outfit, Babette and I had chosen. She tried it on and she looked gorgeous. "I'm not wearing that ! You can see my bra !" "You're wearing that ! You look really good and Harry will love you in that !" I pulled her hair into a ponytail and applied a bit of light pink blush and some light pink gloss she kept complaining about the length of her shorts.

(Bella's outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/sleepover_at_friends_house_with/set?id=71946543 )

Then she dried Babette's hair while I dried mine. She did our makeup. She had always done that, she could choose the colors easily and it always turned out well. Babette's makeup was very natural, with a bold red lip. Mine was a gold eyeshadow with a brown lip. I curled Babette's hair and I braided mine. When we were done we went back to our room so that Bella could chose the accessories. She chose some Jimmy Choo with my red Givenchy bag for Babette. Louis had also asked her to take her Converse. We completed the look with a Cartier necklace. Then Isabella and I took a step back and looked at her first masterpiece. Babette looked beautiful.

(Babette's outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/luxury_well_dressed/set?id=71896013 )

Now it was my turn. She gave me the earrings that went with Babette's necklace, some gold Christian Louboutin pumps and Babette's Swarovski clutch. Both girls stood there looking at me with wide eyes.

(Priscilla's outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cocktail_party/set?id=71896715 )

I looked over at my watch and saw it was 5.30pm. It was time to go. Bella decided to stay upstairs not wanting everyone to see her like that. She sat on the stairs to be able to look at the guys' reactions when they saw us. We went downstairs and there they were. Zayn was wearing some black jeans with a black blazer and a white shirt. Babette wasn't down yet. When Zayn saw me, his eyes lid up. "Woaw... Priscilla you look.... beautiful." He said. "Thank you, Zayn." I smiled. He came closer to me and took my hand. "Huh huh" Harry coughed. "Huh, hot, huh." I rolled my eyes as Zayn hit his arm. Louis was laughing. "Let's go, Pris." He pulled me by my hand out of the flat.


I heard them laugh. I had stayed up a little longer making sure Isabella had all she needed. I heard the front door close, Priscilla and Zayn were gone. "Are you sure you have all you need." I asked looking at the girl sitting on the highest stair. "I'll be okay." "You say that everyday but it's not true." She sighted telling me to go have fun. I went downstairs, Louis had his back to me. "Louis. Behind you." Harry said. He turned around revealing a very handsome Louis Tomlinson wearing some blue pants with a white T-shirt and a blue blazer. "Y-You look... Stunning." I felt myself blushing. "Thanks, you look good yourself." He smiled and nodded as a 'thank you'. "Where's Isabella ?" Harry asked. "She's on the last stair. Have fun you two but don't have to much fun either." He nodded and walked up 2 stairs at once. Louis put his hand on my bag and we left the flat.
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