I'll be okay.

This Is my story. I'm Isabella Alden, I'm 17.I love my mom, dad and brother. I have no other family. At school they say I'm popular, so I have a lot of what you can call 'friends'. I have it all right ? But one day everything will change. A car accident will take away the ones I love and leave me almost all alone. But I will meet my 4 new best friends and the love of my life. But will everything be fine when the person who is after me would do anything to kill me ?


14. Date, part. 1


We left the flat and walked to Zayn's car. "Where are you taking me ?" I asked curiously "There's a restaurant I really like in London and I thought about taking you there." Zayn always seemed cool, I mean, I've never seen him freak out or being scared, but when he was with me, it was different. He looked softer, it looked like he really cared about me.

We arrived at the restaurant in no time. I was happy I was well dressed cause in front of the restaurant, there was a long line and some people with cameras. Paparazzi. Zayn took my hand and led me in without looking back at the people desperately screaming his name for autographs, pictures and a hole bunch of other stuff. The women from the restaurant led us to a table all the way in the back of the room. It was beautiful. He took my chair so I could sit down and he then pushed it closer. "Zayn this is amazing." I said, looking around the beautiful room lid up mostly with candles."You like it ?" "Mhm, I love it." It was true. I did love it. "When I first saw you, there was something about you and I just thought I wanted to know you better. So tell me everything." I never really talked about me, I didn't like that. But I mean it was Zayn and I felt like I really could trust him. "Well I'm an 18 year old girl from Ghana. I graduated high school in an art school with Babette and Bella in Belgium. When she moved, we moved with her and we went to a high school of art here as well. After high school, I wanted to go to college but I got a job as designer for Victoria's Secret and that was a huge opportunity so I took it. After a few months I got promoted and now I'm in the first team of design. It's really fun, I like it a lot." My job had a huge influence on me. I was one of those people who did what they love and that is a really good feeling."That's amazing !" I smiled a bit. "Look who's talking. One of the five boys from the famous heartthrob boyband, One Direction." "Oh it's not such a big deal." He was acting kind of modest. It was cute in a way.

The woman came to take our orders. I didn't know what to take so I looked at the menu for what felt hours. I earned quiet a lot of money but I wasn't used to going to very fancy restaurants. Zayn ended up ordering for me. The woman took our menus and left. "So what about you, Mr. Malik ?" "Well I'm a 20 year old boy that lives in a dream. I'm one of One Direction members and I'm on a date with a very beautiful girl. If I may also say, I like her a lot." He was actually very sweet. If you didn't know him, you wouldn't imagine but he was always trying to make you feel happy, to make you feel good about yourself, not like the previous guys I dated. "I can already tell you that she likes you too." I said smiling.

We talked a lot thru the hole meal. I felt like I knew him even more and it felt good to know he didn't mind sharing things with me. I blushed a couple of times when he would say nice things about me or complement me. He said about 10 times how stunning I looked and every time, it made my heart go mad for him. We had finished our dessert and left. I was walking back to the car when he took my hand. "I don't want this to be over yet. Why don't we go for a walk ?" He asked with his perfect Bradford accent. I swear I could die for his accent. It was hot. More than you can imagine. "I'd like that." He kept my hand warm in his as we moved further away from the car. Before I knew, we had arrived in Covent Garden. It was 10 pm. so you still had the beautiful atmosphere that the little square gave us. "I didn't expect you to be the romantic type." I chuckled. "True, but I didn't expect you to like the romantic type." "Every girl has a romantic side." We stood there for a while on silence. Not the awkward silence, no a peaceful silence. Then he led me by my hand to a little table, always squeezing my hand in his. "You told me a lot about Bella's family, Babette's family but when it comes to yours, you change the subject or you tell me as little as possible. Mind to clarify it ? You don't have to if it's to personal." I looked at him, looking for something on his eyes talking me not to trust him, not to reveal him my pain, but there was nothing. All I could see in his beautiful hazel eyes, was softness. I felt myself drowning in them and I realized I had no choice but to tell him like my heart was telling me to. "Well my parents live a bit everywhere. They own the brand Blumarine. My mom is more in the creative division and my dad more in the business section." I stopped there. "Do you have any siblings ?" He was kind of getting too curious. "Had." His facial expression change. The beautiful smile on his face, disappeared. "I'm sorry." I took my hand away but he quickly had it bag in his. "Do you want to talk about it ?" He asked. "Euh... No." I had known the girls for a couple of months before telling them, so why would it be any difference. I didn't even know if in a couple of months, he would still care about me or would have flown away with a tall bimbo. More I looked at Zayn, more I saw he was honest and it was so hard to resist him when he was looking at you like that, with those eyes piercing thru your body, letting all his warmth in you. "Actually I don't mind telling you." He was going to say something when a tall woman came to our table and asked what we wanted. We ordered some coffee and a little British desert. "Go on." "I had a little sister called Kelly. She was two years younger than me and of course we had fights and stuff but it was really cool to be able to talk to her. One day she had a boyfriend, he seemed nice but there was something weird about him." We stood up after eating and paying. He let go of my hand and out his arm around my shoulder pulling me closer to him. I continued. "Then one day they fought and she ran away from him..." I stopped. "If you don't want to talk about it, I'd understand." He stopped walking and tuned around to face me. We were inches apart, not close enough to feel his breathe but still close. "No I'm fine I'll continue." I smiled. "So when she left running, she got hit by a car and died." He looked at me with sorrow in his eyes. "I'm sorry, Priscilla. I didn't know." I smiled. "It's fine." "No it's not and you don't have to act strong around me." I felt a small tear escape my eye. He wiped it of and put his hands around my waist pulling me closer. I had my hands on his shirt. He leaned in as my eyes instantly shot closed. I felt his breathe coming closer and in a matter of seconds, his soft lips were on my. We pulled away after a short sweet. "I like you a lot, Pricilla." He leaned in again letting the sweetness from the first kiss trading its place for a passionate long kiss. "I like you too." I felt him smile thru the kiss, making me smile as well. This was the best date ever.
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