I'll be okay.

This Is my story. I'm Isabella Alden, I'm 17.I love my mom, dad and brother. I have no other family. At school they say I'm popular, so I have a lot of what you can call 'friends'. I have it all right ? But one day everything will change. A car accident will take away the ones I love and leave me almost all alone. But I will meet my 4 new best friends and the love of my life. But will everything be fine when the person who is after me would do anything to kill me ?


15. A/N PLEASE REAS :D <33333333

Hey loveeeeees !!!!!

Oh my god, I'm so happy you like my story. I really love writing, I can't stop anymore !! I'm a freak now ! Hihihihihihihihi. It's been loads of fun and it's so easy to evacuate what you're feeling in stories. If you like this one please check my four other ones on my profile !!! Thaaaaaanks !!

If you have anything to say, please do. Comment, favorite and like.

Mail: lollypop10@live.be
Twitter: FloreBelleB

LOVE YOU GUYS !!! <33333333333333
Kisses from Belgium :********
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