I'll be okay.

This Is my story. I'm Isabella Alden, I'm 17.I love my mom, dad and brother. I have no other family. At school they say I'm popular, so I have a lot of what you can call 'friends'. I have it all right ? But one day everything will change. A car accident will take away the ones I love and leave me almost all alone. But I will meet my 4 new best friends and the love of my life. But will everything be fine when the person who is after me would do anything to kill me ?


10. A/N PLEASE READ :D <333333

Hey loooooves !!! <333

How are you guys ? Sorry for not updating for a while. I have been trying to manage school, writing, my other activities and I'm in a bit of a sad period so it's hard. So hope you like this movella and please check my other ones. I love writing and I hope you like mines. If you have anything to say please comment. Please also favorite and like.

Mail: lollypop10@live.be
Twitter: FloreBelleB

LOVE YOU ALL <3333333333333
Kisses from Belgium :***********
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