I'll be okay.

This Is my story. I'm Isabella Alden, I'm 17.I love my mom, dad and brother. I have no other family. At school they say I'm popular, so I have a lot of what you can call 'friends'. I have it all right ? But one day everything will change. A car accident will take away the ones I love and leave me almost all alone. But I will meet my 4 new best friends and the love of my life. But will everything be fine when the person who is after me would do anything to kill me ?


5. A/N PLEASE READ :D <333333

HEY GUYS :D <3333
I personally don't like A/Ns but it really is the best way to talk to you all !!!
First of all I'll introduce myself. My name's Flore and I'm from Belgium that's why my English may not be the best. I speak French at home.

So I've been writing to other stories. This one Is my third one. "Meeting In Pais" and "Not A Typical Princess" are the other ones if you're interested.

I really love writing and reading fanfics so if you have suggestions or want me to read yours please tell me !!! :D <333

Email: lollypop10@live.be (I know but it's my old address, it's still a bit childish but I like it. Hihi)
Instagram: love_live_life4eva


Kisses from Belgium :********
Flore xxxxxxx <33333
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