I'll Get Back To You - A 1D Fan Fiction.

Life for Faye is boring, almost tipping her over the edge. School life is crap, and to make things worse, The Populars are back.
Five Hottest boys - Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.
Five Hottest Girls - Amanda Laws, Jessie Pile, Katie Oriana and Lisa Mayes.
Sadly, things for Faye don't pick up as these 10 Populars seem to wanna play games...


5. Chapter 4!

* This Chapter is dedicated to Roisin, my mate and former Directioner*


Faye's P.O.V.

I arrived home in a hurry. There was nothing at home that could bug me. Especially...

I couldn't even say his name without blushing. Well, I couldn't remember his name, is what I meant. Niall or Liam, I got them both confuesed. They didn't look similar in anyway, but it was always those two.

I dumped my keys in the hallway, and hung my coat up. I couldn't hear any noise signaling mum was home, so I rushed up the stairs and trapped myself in the comfort of my bedroom. I couldn't believe what happened with Amanda. She was going to get me back.


I tried to block everything out with the music from my stereo, but the louder I turned it up, the louder my thoughts of Niall/Liam tuned in.

Suddenly, something flew through my window. I couldn't catch sight of what it was until I stood up and exaimed it.

It was a note wrapped around...

A book?

When I looked closer, I noticed it was one of my missing textbooks! It was a surprise that somebody knew where I lived.


I found this in the bin outside of school. One of many others, I'm guessin.

India xx

I jogged over to the window, but India wasn't there, so instead, I dumped the note on my desk, and flicked through the book. I wasn't surprised when I saw the amout of dicks and swear words doodled all through it, but I was extremely surprised when I noticed one.

It said : NH+FT<3

I had no idea what it meant until I notcied FT stood for Faye Tanic, and NH...

I wasn't sure about NH. It rung a bell somewhere in the back of my head, but I couldn't bring myself forward to recognise it completely.

For a moment I paused, and something rung in the back of my head. But it wasn't the name, it was something much more familiar.

The Handwriting.

That wasn't India's handwriting. She had Calligraphy handwriting. Well, nearly. And I hadn't brought myself forward to tell her. She didn't know about the textbooks.

The Handwriting was something I didn't recognise.

Who could have written the note, and who else knew where I lived?

*I hope you guy enjoyed this Chapter. Just waiting for more people to comment. Hehe. Was this too dramatic? OPINIONS!*

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