I'll Get Back To You - A 1D Fan Fiction.

Life for Faye is boring, almost tipping her over the edge. School life is crap, and to make things worse, The Populars are back.
Five Hottest boys - Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.
Five Hottest Girls - Amanda Laws, Jessie Pile, Katie Oriana and Lisa Mayes.
Sadly, things for Faye don't pick up as these 10 Populars seem to wanna play games...


4. Chapter 3!

*I'm going to do another Chapter. I might not be able to update as much tomorrow because it's the beginning of school, so I'm gonna have Homework and Tests for Year 8, so yeah. Year 9 soon!*

Niall's P.O.V.

I studied the girl carefully, watching her blush. Then she was off through the crowd in a hurry, her short brown hair flapping wildly behind her. I turned back to Amanda, and tugged at her tank top.

"It's alright. You have like 50 of these at home. It's only uniform, you know. Come on, Liam, we need to get to form".

Liam turned to me with a confuesed look, and shrugged it off, and we both weaved through the crowd too.

"Your a dick, you know that, Niall!" Amanada called after me, but I shot her a finger. She growled, but Liam and I just laughed.

"So, what were you thinking, Nialler? I could see your face, you know. Not stupid".

Her circled his face with his forefinger, and I sighed it off.

"I'm thinking, that brown haired girl needs a bit of loosning up. We should do something, just to get back at her. You know, equal".

I watched Liam consider it for a moment. He opened his mouth to speak but we were joined by Harry, Zayn and Louis.

"What's up, broda's?" Louis spoke, waving his hand in both of our faces.

"Nothing, nothing, just discussing".

Louis snickered, and Harry rolled his eyes.

"Your not in English anymore, there's no need to rhyme"

"Wasn't in English, you doofus"

"Oi, just sayin' " Harry surrenedered.

Liam fidgited beside me, and I knew he'd come out with it. I watched him with serious eyes, but like Harry, he surrendered, and came out with it.

"Niall thought we found someone. Almost... a target, I guess".

Everybody turned towards me.

"Dude, all we need is a name, that's all".



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