Is He My True Love?

Blurb: A girl named Jessica. Her father had and interview with them and she gets to tag along and one of the boys starts to fancy her and the start dating....was it the right choice?


4. Whops This isn't good.....

Just as the movie was finishing, and Harry and I were still cuddled up to each other, my dad walked in. Uh-Oh! He looked at me, then Harry, then me again. He pointed at me then to my room. I stormed off angry and slammed my door behind me and locked it. Not making any noise. Just letting the tears roll down my cheeks. Why did he do that? I thought.


Ten minutes later, my dad wanted in and knocked on the door.


 “Ellie! Let me In!” He said.

“I don’t think so.” I said. I heard him walk away then I got a text.


“Do you want me to let you date harry? – dad.


Im not dating him I threw my phone and bawled.


I got another text. “Let me in?” – Zayn.


I walked over to the door and let him in.


“He ruins everything.” I screamed.


“Don’t cry. It’s Okay. Shh.” He said kindly. I threw my arms around him and cried into his chest. He wrapped his arms and gave me a tight hug. I needed someone right then.


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