Is He My True Love?

Blurb: A girl named Jessica. Her father had and interview with them and she gets to tag along and one of the boys starts to fancy her and the start dating....was it the right choice?


2. The Interview.

I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock. I was going to meet one direction today. I'm not obsessed with them, i like Harry the most. I throw on my pink dress and shoes and off we go. "Sorry Candy but you can't stay for long you can come in an meet them if you want after." she said. "Okay Dad." I answered.

*60 minutes later*

I hear the door shut behind me. I quickly turn around and there standing in front of me was One Direction. "Hello I'm Liam. Hello I'm Zayn. Ello I'm Niall. Hello I'm Louis. Hello Love I'm Harry" They all said one after the other. "Hey I'm Candy." I answered. "We just had a great interview with your father, we wanted to know if you and your father wanted to come on our tour with us and be our manager." Liam asked. "Oh my gosh. I'd Love that." I answered. They all said there goodbyes and luckily I'm going to go on tour with them tomorrow.

My Dad came out of the studio and we went home to pack for the tour. The Boys were coming over in 10 mins to put our stuff in the truck, and there sleeping in the truck tonight in front of out house. I went up to my bedroom and packed A bikini, some tees, shorts, pants and various things. I get to the top of the stairs and Harry runs up and grabs my bags and says "I'll get that for you love." while winking at me. I just smiled and winked back at him. This is going to be great.

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