Is He My True Love?

Blurb: A girl named Jessica. Her father had and interview with them and she gets to tag along and one of the boys starts to fancy her and the start dating....was it the right choice?


1. Finding out about the Interview.

"OII. Jessica come down here for a second" my dad yelled from downstairs. It sounded important so I came rushing down the stairs. "yeah. Dad, what is it?" I answered while I was running down the stairs. "I have some good news. You know that favourite singing band No direction?" he said with a slight chuckle. "ONE DIRECTION!" I answered. "whatever. Well I wanted to let you know that I'm interviewing them tomorrow and you can come and meet them if you want." He asked. He stepped back slightly. "YES YES YES." I screamed. I cant belive that this is happening.

I ran straight up to my room. what shall I wear? I open my closet door and I see a short pink dress, I pull that out along with my pink stiletos. This is what Im going to wear. I cant wait.

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