The Big Day

Rubby is fourteen years old and she has been asked to be a bidesmaide for her older sisters'swedding. Her sister is called Jenna and is thity years old. Rubby is thinking that her sister's wedding will be the weding from hell. Read this story to find out how the wedding will turn out.


3. The Wedding Cake

Jena had told Rubby and her mum  to make the wedding cake. So, they went in the kitchen to make it. Rubby had got the ingredants out of  the cupboard. But as Rubby got the flour out of the cupboard it fell  and the flour had spilt out all over in Rubby's hair because the flour packet was split. Rubby had looked very funny with flour in her hair. Rubby's mum was laughing her head off. luckly, they had another packet of flour. Next, Rubby had got some eggs out of the fridge and she hit one of them off her mum's back. The egg cracked and the yolk ran all the way down her mum's back. Her mum shiver because the yolk was cold.




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