The Big Day

Rubby is fourteen years old and she has been asked to be a bidesmaide for her older sisters'swedding. Her sister is called Jenna and is thity years old. Rubby is thinking that her sister's wedding will be the weding from hell. Read this story to find out how the wedding will turn out.


2. Clothing

The next day,  Jena had come to visit and  she had a suitecase with her. It was very heavy. It was as if she had lots of rocks in it. But no. Rubby helped Jena open it and inside was a bridesmaid dress. The dress was bright, orange. Rubby hated the colour orange. (espesly bright,orange). So she hated the dress. Rubby thought she would look like an orange. "It's hidiouse !," wailed Rubby. She stormed to her room.

She sat on her bed and cryed and cryed because she didn't want to wear the dress. She thought she would be  laughted at by everyone on the day of the wedding. Also because everyone that would be there she knew and she would never want to see them all ever again after the day was over.

Then, all of a sudden there was a knock at the door. The door was pushed open and Jena had entered Rubby's room. Jena could see that Rubby was sad. "What is wrong Little Sis"?, asked Jena. "I hate the dress. I hate the colour of it", said Rubby. "Oh I see", said Jena. And to take her mind off the dress Rubby had got out a pencil, papper and some some colouring pencils and she began to draw again. But this time shubbe drew an alien stood next to a spacesship. She coloured the alien in blue and the spaceship in pink. Jena smiled at Rubby. Jena loved Rubby's drawing.

Later, Jena had took Rubby to the shops to buy a new bridesmaid's dress. This time Rubby was allowed to pick the dress. She had picked a purple dress because purple was her favourite colour. So, now she was happy and not sad.



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