The Big Day

Rubby is fourteen years old and she has been asked to be a bidesmaide for her older sisters'swedding. Her sister is called Jenna and is thity years old. Rubby is thinking that her sister's wedding will be the weding from hell. Read this story to find out how the wedding will turn out.


1. Hearing The News

Fourteen year old Rubby was sat at the kitchen table eating a ham sandwich. Then, Rubby's   mum had walked in and sat down."Got some news to tell you", she said. "Like wath?", asked Rubby. "Your sisterr is getting married in one week", replied Rubby's mum. Rubby was suprised at how soon the wedding day was.So soon infact she thourgh she was the last person to find out . It was true she was the last person to find out. "You have been asked to be bridesmaide", said Rubby's mum. Rubby was not pleased she was going to be a bridesmaid for her sister's wedding  because she thourght it was going to be the wedding from hell and it would be that bad that it would be the talk of the town for at least one week.

After, eating all of her ham sandwich and talking with her mum Rubby had went to her room to draw. She drew a bunch of red roses in a vase. Rubby loved to draw. Drawing often took Rubby's mine off things and she really needed her mind taking off things at the minute. She was very strested out. She was not in a good mood.











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