Directioners' hope

It's about DIRECTIONERS who hope to meet, hug, kiss, be with ONE DIRECTION.

Excuse my bad english ;) be continued


1. Just a dream

A new ordinary day. Go to school, pretend that I'm cool, go home. Nowadays, I'm  realizing that friends are not forever and real. And everything is not easy as I thought. But when I listen to One Direction, everything has turned into a ''paradise. All night I dreamed that I'm being with One Direction, marrying one of them, living happily ever after. But I knew that was just "maniac fangirl's wish" and never will come true. I lived very very very far from London, in Mongolia, asian country. That's why I lost my hope. On the other hand, I dreamed a lot. Haha. I read a book that named "Secret", in which says "If you can dream it, you can do it".


I love ONE DIRECTION more than anything.

Aaaand let's start.

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