Directioners' hope

It's about DIRECTIONERS who hope to meet, hug, kiss, be with ONE DIRECTION.

Excuse my bad english ;) be continued


5. Is that true?

Finally our team got to the concert's hall. AGAIN DREAM COME TRUE! I'm watching One Direction's concert. OMG! It was just imagination... But there wasn't chance to meet One Direction,so I planned something...

After 1 hour I took stuff outfit from stuff room and walked inside of hall. Suddenly Niall appeared and asked me if I had something to drink. My face was red and said no. Niall said OK and gone.In this moment I thought to myself why I didn't asked him for autograph and take a picture. Then very loud screamed "Can I take a picture with you??!!",then Niall looked back (very surprised). Niall said "OK, where is camera, there is no one here we'll take self shots" and smiled. I was very nervous and  started searching my phone. Oh my god, I left my phone in my pocket. I told him that. Niall said:"It's okay. We'll take on my phone" and took a picture. I was wondering how I will receive this photo. Then Niall said: " u will have this photo. Will it be okay if I upload this to my Twitter?"

I said: " Ohh of course, thank you so much". I thought to myself " Whaaat? Upload to twitter? OMG... people will think I'm his girlfriend...ahaha...of course not, he will write on description 'my fan girl'. Yeah, but why he's uploading my photo to twitter? Is that true? If it causes rumors what will happen?" I changed my outfit and got to my hotel. And I was wondering why other stuff didn't know that I'm not 'stuff' haha. When I got my hotel by taxi Elly and inspector were really worried. Then I told them  everything. That Elly was really angry and shouted at me :"Why didn't u tell me!? Why... I should meet them and be their girlfriend". I didn't say anything.

Until to go to Mongolia, left 4 days. I woke up in the morning and checked Niall's twitter. There weren't my photo. Of course he won't upload this, it'll maybe cause rumors and he won't upload just an ordinary photo with an ordinary fan girl. I agreed with it. But I couldn't stop checking his twitter every 2 hours. Haha.

The next day, I checked Niall's twitter. And guess what? Yeah, you guessed it. He uploaded our pic! And the description was "A picture with 'stuff girl' but I'm not sure that she is worker. Haha. And today at 19:00 o'clock come to the stuff room you left your phone case". I was reallyyyy surprised he "called" me. And yes, I left my phone case, it was very big Hello Kitty iPhone 4 case haha. I left it in stuff room, because it was very big so I thought it'll disturb when I take picture with one of boys of 1D when I meet them. Then I forgot this in stuff room.

And I was wondering how this case got to Niall. I decided that I will go to take my case, cause I knew that I will meet Niall haha.

I told Elly and inspector that I'm going to my uncle's house who lives in London and I'll go by tax, so don't worry. But Elly asked:"Are you going to meet Niall and lying to us?"

I said:"Noo, it's impossible"

Then I waited 19:00 impatiently.



P.S. Thank you for reading! To be continued...

And excuse my grammar mistakes


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