Directioners' hope

It's about DIRECTIONERS who hope to meet, hug, kiss, be with ONE DIRECTION.

Excuse my bad english ;) be continued


2. Hope so...

One day in a department store I saw a magazine "Dream" which on cover was our One Direction! Of course I bought them very happily. I was very happy when I hear a song 1D in the street, TV etc., even though I can listen to it just on Internet.

And when I got home and read that magazine, there was a one lottery that you should buy all of series of this magazine and get a chance to meet 1D in London! That was awesome! Then I hardly decided that I will win this prize and meet One Direction! I saved money and bought all of series of this magazine "Dream". The result should be revealed on 6th January 2012. I've waited this day without sleeping...Haha!

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