Directioners' hope

It's about DIRECTIONERS who hope to meet, hug, kiss, be with ONE DIRECTION.

Excuse my bad english ;) be continued


4. Dream come true (2)

When we were "flying" that "elegant" girl was hating me. She said that I shouldn't eat so much, cause I'm a girl and I should be in my figure. Yeah, seriously I ate so much. But I wasn't fat...haha. When we finally got in London, greeted us one strange man, who introduced himself as a director of a company which is contracted with One Direction. Actually, I didn't believe it. But the inspector and other winner named herself "Elly" believed.

Do you guys know the show "Victorious"? That Elly was exactly like Trina Vega. (Elly's real name was Mongolian name, of course.)


I asked the director of a company:"When we will meet 1D?"

He said:"Tomorrow, after their concert"

I was so happy. But when we got our hotel that wasn't that awesome as I thought. I told to myself:"It's okay, tomorrow you will meet 1D and your dream will come true and you'll go home. Okay okay  should suffer this".

Sun has risen, morning started. We had a breakfast and waited for 1D concert. And it wasn't like in London when they said it would be awesome, we will travel, take walk in old London. But we're just sitting in our hotel doing nothing. I started realizing that's lie and we might don't meet One Direction. I was very worried.

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