Directioners' hope

It's about DIRECTIONERS who hope to meet, hug, kiss, be with ONE DIRECTION.

Excuse my bad english ;) be continued


3. Dream come true (1)

Finally the result came out! I was soooo excited. There should be 2 winners to go to meet One Direction.

I went to their office to hear the result. There were a looot of people who participated in this lottery. And the director of magazine "Dream" announced the first winner. That wasn't me. I was so upset.

But what? :P The second winner was me!!!! Yeah, I couldn't believe it! Dream come true! Never lose hope! OMG! Is that true!? OMG! I was sooo happy. And I'm going to London yeahhh! But my parents weren't  happy. They were worried that I'm going to London with two strangers. I asked my parents to let me go...cried...shouted. But finally they allowed me to go to London. Finally!

And the other winner was a 16 years old, beautiful girl. I liked at her at first time I saw her. I thought that we would be friends. But it wasn't that. When I tried to talk to her, she ignored me and glared at me. Of course I directly hated her, cause I'm veeeeery stubborn person.

On 16th January we will fly to London. On early morning of 16th January, me and my family went to airport. Inspector, me and the other winner sat on the airplane.

When I left my country, I realized that it's true "If you can dream it, you can do it"

And I haven't imagined what's waiting for me.

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