She Will Never Know...

This story is about a girl named Charlie. Charlie has many problems with anxiety and depression. She has learnt a lot about who she is and what she want's in life but then things start to go downhill. She meets a boy named Niall Horan not knowing he was in One Direction. If you want to know the rest I guess you will have to read..


5. When I'm Waking Up




I had woken up not knowing where I was, then I saw Niall sat beside me on his phone. He looked down at me realizing I was awake and I sat up and whispered in his ear

"Please, don't tell anyone about my wrist I am so ashamed of it but it helps me not in a good way just in the moment, release of pain on myself." I said that softly hoping he wouldn't tell anyone so I started shaking nervously awaiting his response.


"I promise, you're secret will stay with me, but you have to promise me one thing now too" I thought to myself this couldn't be good "You can't cut till Sunday night please? If you can do that I will be so proud of you." he said that in such a loving voice, it made me feel safe around him, but it took me a few minutes to justify my answer.

"I promise I won't cut till tomorrow night Niall only for you, I would also like to come back here tomorrow if that's alright with you?" I said that agreeing to Niall's one request I could see he was a bit happier.

"Can I count the cuts on you're wrist so I know you didn't? And of course you can come back." He said that with a soft deep Irish accent.

Without letting me answer he just pulled up my sleeve and his face was filled with shock counting every one of them. Then when he was done counting them he gazed deeply into my eyes with sadness.He looked back at my wrist and kissed every one of my cuts softly and with care so he wouldn't hurt me.



I looked her deeply in the eyes and leaned in to kiss her but she pulled away. We sat there for a while and then I tried again to kiss her this time she had slight resistance and I kissed her anyway the kiss grew very passionate and then we slowly moved away form each other with a cheeky grin on our faces and Charlie ended up staying the night as she feel asleep in my arms.

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