She Will Never Know...

This story is about a girl named Charlie. Charlie has many problems with anxiety and depression. She has learnt a lot about who she is and what she want's in life but then things start to go downhill. She meets a boy named Niall Horan not knowing he was in One Direction. If you want to know the rest I guess you will have to read..


4. The Date



It was about 11:55 when I got to the shop, I had waited for Niall for a few minutes then he showed up. I was so happy he was there with me. After he arrived we got some Ice Cream and left the shop. Niall and I were passing a park on the way to his house so he decided we would go there without telling me, he grabbed my wrist and shouted LET'S GO!




Charlie screeched with pain and she had startled and I quickly turned around and wondered what was wrong. I saw I was grabbing her wrist and he thought that would be the only reason she screeched. I thought I grabbed her too tight then I pulled up her sleeve to make sure nothing was wrong and all I saw was scars and cuts. She looked up at me and her eyes filled with tears she tried so hard not to cry bet then I looked her directly in the eyes and she just lost it. She started to cry so much. I got really worried.


"Why would you do that to yourself Charlie? You are so beautiful and stunning you have no reason, well I can't say no reason because I haven't known you long, but why?" I said that with so much fear in my eyes, I was awaiting her response, but she couldn't speak she was crying so much.


"I..I felt that.. i..if I was--" She couldn't speak so she just stopped and I looked at her and was trying to figure out reasons she had done it.


I softly grabbed her chin and looked her in the eyes and said


"I will always be here for you even though we have only just met you can trust me" I said that hoping it would help a bit but it didn't really she  had stopped crying enough to let me ask her if she wanted to go sit on a bench and just sit and think for a while.


I realized that she started to cry harder so a scotched toward her and I layed her head on my chest and wrapped my arms around her to let her know I wasn't lying about being there for her. She jumped a bit when I put my arms around her but she didn't do anything to resist it. I kissed the top of her head and rocked her. I realized she had stopped crying and fell asleep in my arms. I picked her up and carried her to my house and layed her in my room on my bed.




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