She Will Never Know...

This story is about a girl named Charlie. Charlie has many problems with anxiety and depression. She has learnt a lot about who she is and what she want's in life but then things start to go downhill. She meets a boy named Niall Horan not knowing he was in One Direction. If you want to know the rest I guess you will have to read..


3. Texting and Planning



It had been about 4 days since I spoke with that beautiful stunning girl Charlie and I kept thinking to myself nervously. What if she never texts me, what if she just wanted to play around with me. Then I stopped myself from thinking like that. I sat in the living room for a bit watching football on the telly,then I heard my phone go off. I looked down at it and the text read,


Hello Niall, I was just getting around to texting you and I felt bad for not texting you earlier. I was wondering if you maybe wanted to hang out at you're place around noon tomorrow? Well just text me back when you can :). Oh by the way it's Charlie.

As I read that text a smile grew on my face and of course I had to say YES what else would I say to a stunning, independent girl like that.


Hey Charlie, I would be up for that. Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow then. We will meet up at the 'Ice Cream' shop then come back to my house. I will see you tomorrow Charlie. Good-bye.


I was so nervous about tomorrow, I was always so weird around people I like, but this was different I hadn't really known her for long but I felt like I knew her and I wanted her to be mine.




I couldn't believe when I was texting him I was actually going to his house, I know we had only just met, but he seemed like such a sweet kind of carefree guy. I stayed up till about 1 and then ended up dozzing off while reading the texts over and over getting this fuzzy feeling inside. It felt so right.


I wish that I was with him already but I wasn't so I just sat in my room and waited till about 11:30 that Saturday and then made my way to the shop.


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