She Will Never Know...

This story is about a girl named Charlie. Charlie has many problems with anxiety and depression. She has learnt a lot about who she is and what she want's in life but then things start to go downhill. She meets a boy named Niall Horan not knowing he was in One Direction. If you want to know the rest I guess you will have to read..


7. Finally...

**A few weeks later**


It had been about a month since me and Niall had met. We had hung out at his place forever we were always there. After school on weekends, we had become best friends in such a short time. Our parents would always allow us to have sleepovers, with some questions first of course.

It was Friday, Niall and I had gone to see a movie. About half way through I was getting a little tired so I leaned on his shoulder. He looked down to find my hand and he interlocked his fingers in mine. I smiled and blushed, I looked like a tomato. By time the movie was over it was about 10:30. I had gone to spend the night at Niall's that day.


Me and Charlie went up to my room as we always did. We led in my bed and just talked forever, we could always keep a conversation no matter what it was. I turned to face Char as did she to face me. We sat there for a while just looking at each other, I softly led my hand on the side of her head with my thumb slowly grazing her check back and forth.

I grabbed her waist and pulled her close to me, our foreheads were touching and we were both looking down. I looked up and I kissed her. She had a resisting reaction then she just let it be the kiss grew more passionate but then she pulled away. 

"I don't want it to start like this, don't get me wrong I like you a lot, I'm just scared," she sounded so shaky in her voice when she was talking it sounded as if she thought I would be mad at her for not wanting to.

"Don't worry, I'm not forcing you to do anything but I do have one question. Do you want to tonight or do you want to wait?" I didn't want to force her to do anything she didn't want to do I thought it might make her  uncomfortable if I had forced her.

She waited a little bit before answering, she wanted to be sure she didn't make a mistake. "I think I do, but I don't know.. I guess my answer is.. umm.. No. I'm sorry."She answered hesitantly and looked up at me as if I were upset because she didn't want to.


I looked up at Niall, and I started to think about why I was always cutting before and a tear streamed down my face. Niall quickly wiped it away and kissed my forehead and held me tight and close. He whispered and said everything would be okay and was wondering why I was crying.





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