She Will Never Know...

This story is about a girl named Charlie. Charlie has many problems with anxiety and depression. She has learnt a lot about who she is and what she want's in life but then things start to go downhill. She meets a boy named Niall Horan not knowing he was in One Direction. If you want to know the rest I guess you will have to read..


1. Getting To Know Me


Charlie was a young 16 year old girl who always loved life, well up until the point where she started to have self confidence and anxiety issues. She always wanted to overlook everything people were saying, but for some reason a few of the things people had been saying to her kept repeating. She would always be called a slut, bitch, whore, etc... She would get called names like that more frequently then ever. She never really knew what to do about it. She always was and still is a strong independent girl, but now that girl was starting to be a fading memory.

Charlie was in year 11, she had always been a year younger than everyone one else so she got treated like a baby now more than ever. She wouldn't really have a problem with that it just got on her nerves sometimes.





This is my fan fiction, so please give me some feedback and tell me if you want more to it or a sequel <3




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