My Calling (Wesley Stromberg)

"No Dad dont go to work today!" She screams in her sleep "No Dad you wont come back!" I shake her awake.
"Sam baby wake up!" She opens her eyes and starts to sob.
"Wes I had the dream again" I pull her in close and hold her to my chest...


4. 4


Sam's POV

I sit on the couch in Kyles garage as the guys practice Wes doesn't stop smiling at me the whole time. I smile back when they are done they talk for bout ten minutes and then Wes decides It would be a good time to go.

    "Okay bye guys have some good times!" Wes says to them  

   "We will dude" Kyle says and we walk back to the jeep

    "Ok we are gonna drop you two at home and then Sam and I are gonna go to her house okay dudes?"

   "but I wanna see Alexander!" Keaton yells back instantly  

  "And I want to work with Jade I found something that might help him" Drew says  

"Well it seems like everyone is coming" I say  

  "wooh!" Keat's says  

  "Why do you have to be best buds with the worst brother in the world Keats?" I ask him  

  "Alexander is the best!" Keaton says

    "Right" I say rolling my eyes and Wes starts the Jeep and starts to drive I put my hand on his thigh.

    "Your distracting me from the road babe" he says to me and I pull my hand away.

 Then he grabs my hand and locks his fingers into mine. I smile at him. He stops infront of my house and I jump out. Alexander and Jade come runing out and Jade almost trips over but he hold himself together

.     "Good going Jade!" I say and he flashes me one of his grins that he's always had. I smile back 

    "Dew!" he shouts and runs up to him  

  "Hey dude!" Drew say to him and pulls him into a hug.

    "Im gonna work with you today is that okay?" Drew asks him and he nod his head  

Drew really loves that kid, they have always got on even though Jade is special needs. Alexander is 15 now and Jade is 13.
"You da best Dew" Jade says to him
"Na you are dude" Drew say back and pulls him into a headlock and gives him a noogie.
"NOOOO!" Jade yells and laughs at the same time 
"Hey Alex" Wes says and give him a hug
"Hey dude Its good to see you" Alexander says back


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