My Calling (Wesley Stromberg)

"No Dad dont go to work today!" She screams in her sleep "No Dad you wont come back!" I shake her awake.
"Sam baby wake up!" She opens her eyes and starts to sob.
"Wes I had the dream again" I pull her in close and hold her to my chest...


3. 3


 Sam's POV

"Wooh!" Drew yells and gets out of the Jeep he grabs his board and runs straight in.

Wes wraps his arms around me from behind, I smile and he rests his head on my shoulder and I kiss his cheek.

"Should we go catch some waves?" He asks me

"sure" I say.

I turn around and grab my board.

"C'mon Keats" I say to him and he grabs his board.

 I think he feels a little bit left out all the time cuz he's the baby. he smiles at me and I smile back. Wes is right behind me and he grabs his board. I run out into the waves and The water feels so nice against my feet  I run out and jump on to my board I paddle out to where Drew is and Keaton and Wes paddle over. 

"I dibs the next wave!" I say as Drew get wiped out 

Then this massive waves starts to roll and I paddle hard I feel the wave lift me up and I stand up and surf probably the best wave of the day. I crack the lip a couple of times and the boys are cheering. The wave starts to die down and I jump off the board into the water. as I come back up I see Wes sitting right there on his board grinning.

"That was so rad babe" he say to me and I kiss his lips

.  I grab my board and climb back up and sit up I see Keaton riding a pretty dope wave.

"Wooh Keats!!" I yell at him and he pulls the rock and roll sign. I sit there laughing.

  "Im gonna go catch a wave babe" Wes says to me and kisses my lips one last time before he paddles out.

 I decide to paddle back in and sunbathe. I run back onto the beach carrying my board and I find the perfect place and I lie down my towel and I lie down. 


I feel water falling on my back and I turn around and see Wes standing over me

"did I doze off?" I ask him

  "yea you did" he says and lies down next to me and pulls me onto his lap.

 I rub my hands down his stomach and kiss his lips.

"Are Drew and Keats still in the water?" I ask him after I pull away.

"yea they are" he says

"Finally Drew wont be yelling a us" I say to him and kiss him again.

  He smirks and kisses back    

"should we go to your place after we meet up with Kyle and Kenny?" Wes asks me

    "If you wanna be attacked by the boys sure!" I say to him and he laughs  

  "Wes those boys really look up to you" I say to him\

    "yea I guess they do" he says back   .

  I roll back over so Im laying next to him. And I watch Drew and Keaton run in from the surf Drew decides that it would be a great idea to shakes his wet hair all over me.

    "No Drew not cool dude!" I shout at him and he just laughs so I kick him in the shin

"OW! No Sam not cool dude!" He says and I just laugh    

"payback" I say   

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