My Calling (Wesley Stromberg)

"No Dad dont go to work today!" She screams in her sleep "No Dad you wont come back!" I shake her awake.
"Sam baby wake up!" She opens her eyes and starts to sob.
"Wes I had the dream again" I pull her in close and hold her to my chest...


2. 2


Wesley's POV continued

I wake up to the sounds of bird and waves crashing  and my arms are still around Sam she starts to stir and she turns around I smile at her.  "Good morning Beautiful" I say and kiss her Lips she kisses back.

 "Good morning Sexy" she says back and giggles.

 "Im sorry you had the bad dream again last night baby" I say and I pulls her in closer.

"Its fine I have it almost everynight" she says back

I was there when her dad didnt come home from work he went to work down the coal mine in  Montana  he was supposed to come home that day but he didnt she was 10 and her Little brothers were 3 and 5. he's still down that hole. I remember when she found out I sat there holding her and letting her just cry and cry I had to sleep in her little bed with her or she wouldnt of slept. I snapback and realize I was crying I try to wipe away the tears but she feels them fall onto her face.

 "hey baby whats wrong?" she says and she wipes away my tears.

 "I was just thinking of that day im sorry".

 "dont be sorry" and she cries a little bit  "we need to remember him"

 "He was always there for me" I say.

 "Remember when he was teaching us how to shoot and I used to shoot everything except the can?" I ask her She laughs at me.

"yea he was so close to giving up and then you finally shot the can you should have seen his face he was like Praise the lord!" she says I laugh at her and kiss her mouth.

 "he always knew there was some thing between us" I say.

 "yea I guess he did" She snuggles in closer

"Guess what?" I ask her 

"What?" she answers me

 "I smell breakfast"

  I start to put one of my shirts on and walk down stairs so Sam can have some privacy. Moms in the kitchen and there is Bacon, Eggs, waffles and loads of toast.

 "Thanks Mom" I say and she smiles.

 "sooo you and Sam hmm?" she asks me.

 "Ahh yea" I say back awkwardly and rub the back of my neck.  

"I was waiting for this to happen" Mom says to me

I smile and grab a waffle

"Hey leave some for your brothers!" Shes yells at me and Sam walks down in one of my shirts and a pair of basketball shorts

"Ahh sorry I wasnt planning to stay the night so I didnt bring any clothes.." She says to mom and I

"Its fine Sam" Mom says to her

"Thanks Laraine" She say back 

Then she smiles at me and I smile back. I walk up to her and give her a kiss.

"hey baby" I say to her

"Hey" she says back

"mmm I smell food" she says

"yea help yourself there is plenty" mom says to her

"Thanks Laraine but I should get in quick before Keats and Drew wake up" She says


 I love that Sam and Mom get on really well she laughs and at that moment Drew and Keats are running down the stairs. 

"No! my food!" Sam shouts at them.

Then Drew goes up behind her and starts tickling her ribcage.

"OK OK YOU WIN YOU WIN!!" she shouts at him.  He lets go and grabs a big pile of food and sits on the couch. 

"Hey Keats how was your sleep?" I ask him 

"Fine" he grumbles and grabs a plate of food and sits at the table.

  We both grab a plate of food and sit a the table as well 

"Not the best sleep then Keats?" She asks him

"No" He says sternly

"Why?" we asks at the same time

"Bad dream" He says and Sam get up and gives him a hug

"what was it bout Keats?" she asks him

"I cant tell you..." He says

"why Keats?"

"cuz" he says back

"fine I will tell you It was bout Francis" as he says that I watch her face drop

"Keats you shouldnt be having dreams bout that" she says calmly to him.

"Im sorry" he says

"dont be Sorry Keats I had a bad dream about that as well last night" She says to him

"ok" he says "can we surf today?

" He asks me "yea dude!" I say back trying to change the subject. Sam smiles at me knowing what I was doing.

"Drew dude you wanna go surfing today and then we can jam with Kyle and Kenny?" I asks him.

"sure dude!" Drew says with a mouthful of food .

"Gross dude" Sam says 

"Hot!" he yells 

"C'mon lets go get ready babe" I say and grab Sam's hand.

She follows me up the stairs and I pull her into the room. I pull her up against me and bend down and kiss her, she instantly starts kissing back. She wraps her arms around me, I pull her in closer and pick her up and kiss her harder. She licks my bottom lip and I let her in. I smile into the kiss and she smiles back and pulls away.

"werent we supposed to be getting ready to go for a surf?" she questions me.

"We have enough time" I say to her and smirk.

"Oh really" she says and moves in closer.

"Really" I say and kiss her again.

She kisses back and runs her hands through my hair. I kiss down her jaw bone and down her neck. She pulls my face back up and kisses my mouth then walks away. 

"you are such a tease" I say to her and she smiles at me

"you just have to wait, remember patience is a virtue" she says to me and puts her bikini on. I cant help but stare, she see's me starring.

"Im sorry I should have changed in the bathroom" she says to me.

"No, no Its fine" I say and pull her in close.

"Im happy that your not afraid to change in front of me" I say and kiss her lips.

"ok baby" she says to me


"Your turn" she says and throws me my favourite pair of shorts. I smile and take of my shirt and other shorts and pull on my surfing shorts.

She smirks at me "Hurry up people!! the surf is gonna die down soon we gotta go nowwww!" we both hear Drew shout up the stairs.

I groan "Better go down and get our boards" she says to me

"yea" We both run down stairs and she grabs her board and Brooke's wetsuit, I grabs my board and run out to the jeep.

"Finally you guys are ready!" Drew yells We both look at eachother and smile.

"wheres Keats?" Sam asks

"he's coming" Drew says and then Keaton come's running out in his wetsuit with his board under his arm 

"get in Keats" I say to him and he put his board in and climbs in.   



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