My Calling (Wesley Stromberg)

"No Dad dont go to work today!" She screams in her sleep "No Dad you wont come back!" I shake her awake.
"Sam baby wake up!" She opens her eyes and starts to sob.
"Wes I had the dream again" I pull her in close and hold her to my chest...


1. 1


"Wes get off me!!" I shout and laugh at the same time. 

"Not until you say Wes is the most sexiest guy in Huntington beach!" he  tells me.

 "But Drew is!!" I yell I look over at Drew and he seems suprised I laugh at him.

 Then Keatstro starts to pout "I love you Keaton Meow!!" and he flashes a huge grin.

  "Fine!  Wes is the most sexiest guy in Huntington beach!" I yell and he gets off me.

 "Thankyou Sammie thats what I was expecting to hear". He says very smugly I pull the finger at him and he looks very hurt.

 "oh my god guys!! hurry up and make out already! Me and Keats are sick of this!!" we both look at him weirdly "dont look at me like that!"  I roll my eye's at him and he mocks me. Wes blushes.

"I need to go skate!" I shout at them. 

"but its pouring!" Keaton says

 "Who cares?" I ask him

  "If you go out and skate in that weather you will break your neck!" Drew points out.  

I shrug "Come with me" Wes says and he grabs my hand and starts walking to upstairs to his room.

 He lets go as soon as we reach his door. I open the door "What Wesley?" I ask him.

 He moves closer to me and I stare into his almond coloured eyes. God Im in love with this boy I always have been ever since we meet at the skate park eight years ago. He stares back at me I have a feeling hes gonna kiss me but I highly doubt it. He strokes my cheek and it send shivers down my back.

"You are absolutely beautiful Samantha" He tells me.  

"I dont believe you Wes" I tell him

"Well you should" and  that moment he kisses me this is the moment I've been waiting for, for eight years and its finally happening and its just how I expected it.

 He licks my bottom lip asking for entrance and of course I let him in. He pulls away.

"I love you Sam I always have ever since we meet that day in the skate park eight years ago".

 "I feel the exacts same Wes"

He kisses me again I kiss back I run my hand through his hair.

I feel him smile into the kiss and he whispers "Be with me?".  

I whisper back "Of course" I say back and he rests his forehead on mine.

 "I think we should go back downstairs and let the others know" I tell him

.  "Ok Baby" and says and put his arm around my shoulders and kisses my cheek.

 As we open the door Drew and Keaton are standing there. "Perv's" I say to them.

 "We were not!" Drew trys to defend them

"dude give it up they caught us red handed" Keaton says to Drew.

 "Finally you can put us out of the misery of watching you two! ARGH!" Drew says.

  And I kiss Wes right in front of them "Too much Pda's guys! Keaton says and shields his eyes.

"Your gonna have to get used to this Keats" I say to him.

 "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" he pleads.  

"Sorry Keats" Wes says and we walk back downstairs I grab Wes's butt and he smirks at me and you can hear Drew and Keats groaning Behind us.

 I sit on the couch and Wes lies his head in my lap and I play with his hair. He bites his lip softly and I smirk at him.

"Movie time!" Drew shouts.

 "I dont care" I say.

 "hmm how bout Cast away!!" Keaton shouts.

 "ok dude" Drew say and puts the disc in the dvd player. 

I bend down and Kiss Wes's Lips and he immediately kisses back I slip my tongue into his mouth and he sits up so we are face to face I sit on top of him and kiss him harder.

 "Get a room!" Drew yells at us.

 I break away and say back "Maybe we will!" and I get up and grab Wes's hand and pull's him up to his room

.  I back into his room and onto his bed and pull him onto me "I love you Samantha" he says to me.

 "I love you more babe" and I pull him down so I can kiss him again he kisses back we slip our tongues into eachothers mouth and he freezes I instantly pull away.

 "whats wrong?" I ask him.

 "I think we are moving a bit to fast..." he says to me.

 "yea im sorry" I apologize to him.

  "why are you apologizing?" he asks me.

 "I dont know im sorry, Sorry! Argh!"

  "you're so cute" Wes say to me and kisses my lip softly.

 "do you wanna watch something?" he asks me I snuggle in close to him and he wraps his arms around my shoulder.

 "I want you to sing to me Wesley".

 " I dream of bunch shades driving with the top down not a care in the world as the sunsets to the ground Two birds up above sharing in this world A change for the better yeah..."  I start to drift off to sleep. 


Wesley's POV

"No Dad dont go to work today!" She screams in her sleep "No Dad you wont come back!" I shake her awake.

 "Sam baby wake up!" She opens her eyes and starts to sob.  

"Wes I had the dream again" I pull her in close and hold her to my chest.

  "Its okay im here" I say and I rub her back.  

"Go back to sleep baby" I say and rock her back to forth.

 She doe's little hiccup sounds until she drifts back to sleep. I lie her down and wrap my arms around her and falls asleep again as well.  

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