The Best Friend that I once had

This poem is devoted to my best friends Tracy and Dani who i may never see again... Thank you Pls fav and like!


1. A Best Friend that I once had...

You sticked with me from the very start

Listened to my stupid conversations that didn't make any sense

And we made up jokes nobody could understand

We'd pig out when we ate                                                                                                                         and go crazy all day until our bodies ached

We'd bring up conversations of the most random things                                                                                 like when a jock picked his nose at a period at gym

We'll go swim at the beach at 7' degrees midnight and jump into the hot tub when its 45' degrees outside

When we have a fight it would be about stupid little things and cry over it like 3 year old kids

We would have  the same crush and have a be to see                                                                                who could go out with him or kissed him first


We were so stupid...

When I cried, you cried

When you laughed, I laughed


When you slap me i would slap you back


Then there that day when you went away

But that was for a day        

and for that whole day I stayed up  in my room                                                                                    

crying my eyeballs out until there was no more tissues to use                      

At school next day I ran to you like we hadn't seen each other in...FOREVER


Years passed and we had an awesome time

Until it was time for us to die.....

And next to your grave was mine because of the promise that we made  

...TIME AFTER TIME...                                      



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