Change of hearts

When Lily's boyfriend cheats on her, her older sister brings her boyfriend and his friends on a trip to see her. what they don't know is that they will all fall for her hard.


4. Chapter 3


Lily’s P.O.V

When Mary and I were finished talking we walked out of the bathroom “hello I am Lily, sorry I haven’t been able to introduce myself until now because of certain reasons.” “That’s ok we all have those moments” Liam said and stuck his hand out “i am Liam and this is Niall, Zayn, Louis and Harry.” I shook all their hands and jordi just sat on the couch and he turned to me and said “Food?”

“Oh yeah what do you guys want for breakfast?” i asked they all looked at me and screamed “PANCAKES!”

“ok I said pancakes it is” was my reply

As I was making pancakes for everyone i put my iPod on my doc and blasted ‘Awkward bt San Cisco’.  Jordi looked at me “sericly?” he asked.  Mary started laughing “Lily stop fangirling in front of him he doesn’t like when people fangirl. I didn’t listen to them and i kept dancing. “Louis interrupted me and asked “what does Mary mean ‘fangirling’?

“Well jordi is in one of my favourite bands called san Cisco. He thinks that its annoying whenever i dance to their songs!” I screamed over the music. I turned around to see everyone staring at me and jordi cracking up. “You should be in our next music video” jordi said through his laughs.

“Really?!”  I asked

“No, of course not” he said. I poked my tongue out at him.  I went back to making pancakes when  Nosebleed Section by Hilltop Hoods came on I ran up to Jordi cos this is our jam and I rapped it all we were having the best time pretending to be them. After the song finished Mary was cracking up because we didn’t know half the words but the other boys were amazed how I was able to rap.

We ate our Pancakes and halfway through I felt someone touch my leg with their hands I looked around and I knew it was Zayn. I looked at him confused. All he did was smile his cheeky grin and he raised his hand up to my inner thigh. He felt his way up my nightie to my undies line were I stopped him because it was really awkward. 

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