Change of hearts

When Lily's boyfriend cheats on her, her older sister brings her boyfriend and his friends on a trip to see her. what they don't know is that they will all fall for her hard.


2. Chapter 2


Niall’s P.O.V

We were all fast asleep when we heard giggling and yelling coming from 2 people through the house. I was sharing a room with zany, Louis and Liam and the rest were in the other room. When we all woke up because of it we ran into the hall and saw a girl ( which i am guessing is Lily) and a boy who I have never seen before. The boys had Lily over his shoulder and he ran outside, lifted her up and through her in to the water. When she came up she had an angry look on her face she went up to the boy and said “Jordi i am going to kill you!” she ran behind him and jumped on his back it looked like they were having so much fun she pushed him in the water and when he came up he pulled her legs making her fall in as well. They were giggling until Mary came through the house and walked up to the pool “What are you guys doing?” she asked?  “We are having fun” Jordi i am guessing his name is replied. With that lily pulled Marys legs in and she fell into the water. They were splashing the water and all the boys and i did was stare at them in confusion.


Lily’s P.O.V

Early in the morning at about 8ish i heard a knock on my window i went over to my blinds and heaved them up with the string. When the window was cleared up with all the fog i saw Jordi “yay!”  Jordi and i have been through so much together and i means lots. I opened the window and he climed through. I started to cry onto his shoulder “ I herad what he did, just to let you know everyone is here for you only 2 people are being nice to him the girls that have crushes on him. I kept crying until he bought something out of his massive bag it was a Niall doll “thank you so much” i jumped around the romm  i absolutely love one direction. Then he bought out season 1 of community and mrs browns boys. He knew exactly how to cheer me up. He then pulled out a tub of ben and jerrys “ yes you are the best you know?” when i said that he giggled and blushed. He came over to me and signalled for a hug i sat up and hugged him he pulled me up higher and put me over his shoulder “put me down, put me down!” i yelled he ran through the house and he wisperd i love you he dropped me in the water. When i cam up i looked at him with eveil eyes and jumped out of the water i chased him around around the yard and jumped on his back and hopped off quickly making him unbalanced and i pushed him into the water. I jumped in after we were splashing and having a ball until Mary came out and sarted blabbling jordi looked at me and i noded he puilled marys legs in and she did a belly flop into the water.

 When we got out i saw that One Direction were standing there looking at me. I turned around to mary who came up to Harry and kissed him “are you ok babe” he asked her “ yeah just my eveil little sister i giigled and said “ i am here to help” they all laughed i turned my attention back to then i tried my hardest not to fan girl but i ran to Mary and pulled her into my massive bathroom. “Why are they here? Why didn’t you tell me you were dating Harry?” “ok Lily i am dating harry styles we havn’t gone public yet and they all wanted to come with me for a surprise visit.” 


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