Change of hearts

When Lily's boyfriend cheats on her, her older sister brings her boyfriend and his friends on a trip to see her. what they don't know is that they will all fall for her hard.


1. Chapter 1


Lilys P.T.O

“How could you?” I screamed at  Alex my now ex-boyfriend “You go on that scout camp hook up with that slut and then decide to dump me and go out with her!”

“But I still lo”

“NO! I Interrupted him “I have had enough of this, of us now  LEAVE!” I yelled

he looked at me and took out is phone he dialled a number and he started talking, immediately I knew that he was talking to her “hey babe come pick me up and bring extra condoms because we will be doing Hard!” he yelled in to the phone he picked up his Jacket and left.


Harry’s P.T.O

Mary my girl friend was going to Australia to see her younger sister Lily. I found this as a great opportunity to go with the boys for a vaca.

When we got to the Brisbane Mary had a massive smile plastered on her face she called some one that sounded like her untie and she asked to come pick us up. She looked at us and started to speak “my untie Kath is coming to pick us up now, so when we get to Lily’s house we need to be quite because her boyfriend just came back from a camping trip and she doesn’t know that we are come so be quite” we all nodded out heads and her untie got here in a big van when we got in we saw a disabled girl in the back she started to wriggle around when she saw Mary. When Mary saw her she ran to the back and hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek “I missed you so much lotte!

When we got to Lily’s house we heard yelling and screaming. Mary unlocked the door and there was a boy standing there really angry “hey Alex how are you? Why is Lily crying” she yelled the last bit

“how about you ask her we heard a girl yell out alex’s name and she came and kissed him Mary freaked and told them to get out. I thought that was Lily but it Wasn’t. Mary ran into Lily’s room and closed the door we could hear her crying. The boys and i decided to make ourselves at home I looked at the backyard and there was a really cool pool and hot tub! We sat our things at the back door and sat down on the couch and watched TV while we waited for the girls to come out.

Finally Mary came out and said that Lily was asleep “oh” we all whined “we really wanted to meet her “ I said Mary came up and kissed my nose and cuddled next to me and said that her boyfriend had cheated on her at camp and that was her at the door! We all watched the tv and we found our way into her guest rooms we slept for heaps until..


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