Bright Lights

A silly dare by a boy to his friend changed a girl's life forever.
Is love possible in the midst of bright lights?

*A new chapter will be uploaded every Saturday!*


1. Fake Girlfriend


12 Noon, London

‘Meet me at the office asap, thanks.’

Fuck you, Simon, Veronica thought to herself as she read the text message from her uncle, Simon Cowell, again.


She had just taken a shower and sat down to watch re-runs of Pretty Little Liars but she couldn’t say no to Simon, despite how much she hated him. Sighing, she pulled herself off her couch and checked herself in the mirror and asked herself if she needed a change of clothes.

I look decent enough to meet an annoying music mogul.

She pulled a hoodie over her tank top and slipped into a pair of Converse before picking up her car keys and bag and exited her apartment, double checking that she locked the door.

While waiting for the elevator to arrive, she sent a text message to her twin, Victoria.

‘How you doinnnnn, Vic? How’s ‘merica? Simon just called me to his office idk why lol’

She shoved her phone into her bag, realising that it was only 7a.m. in New York, where her twin has been studying for the past few months.

She smiled politely at the old lady in the elevator as she entered, like she always did. As the elevator door opened at the car park level, Veronica held the button to keep the door open for the old lady to make her way out with her baggage and made her way towards her car after.

Looking left and right to make sure there were no oncoming traffic, Veronica manoeuvred her way out of the car park and made her way to Simon’s office, which was a short 15 minutes’ drive away.

She switched on the radio to keep her accompanied during the drive, to be greeted by the starting music of One Direction’s Little Things. She hummed along, her annoyance with Simon slowly disappearing.

Even though she hated Simon, she was a huge fan of the band he created. It was impossible to hate five gorgeous boys who she perhaps was in love with.

Within 10 minutes, she had arrived at the foot of the building where Simon’s office was located, thanks to the clear traffic.

After parking her car, she strolled into the building and took an elevator up to the 31st floor, where the Syco office was located. Once the elevator doors opened, Veronica was greeted by her colleagues’ surprised faces.

“Why, it’s good to see you Veronica! But isn’t it your day off today?” the friendly receptionist asked Veronica.

“Yes, Mrs Whitley, but sadly Simon wants to see me so I’ve just came to ask him what’s the matter!”

“All right, dear, have a good day!”

“You too!”

As she reached Simon’s room, she pulled on a blank face and took a deep breath before pushing open the door. I hate him, she thought.

“Why did you call me here? It’s a Thursday, my day off.”

“Ah, Veronica! I’m glad you decided to come over immediately. I am not going to beat around the bush because this is an important matter that I really need your help in.”

“What even makes you think I’d agree to help you, out of all people, Simon?” She smirked at the man sat across her.

“A lot of money is involved…”

She straightened up in her chair, deciding that she would hear him out.

“Go on.”

“You know the boys of One Direction. They’ve put me in a situation now. This is a very confidential information and no one except for the boys and me know, but now I’ve got to let you know.”


“Harry, you know him, called me saying he had to talk to me. He said it was important and so I had to come into the office earlier. He told me… he was gay.”

“Wow! That would be a great news for us directioners!”

“Whatever. He says he’s got feelings for Louis, and this is not the right time for him to come out. The boys have got a world tour set, for which half of the dates haven’t even been released yet. Such an issue might or might not have a negative impact on their success and I don’t think this is a right time for him to come out.”

“That’s true. What do you need my help in?”

“I hope you don’t hate me, but I need you to act as Harry’s girlfriend.”

“What the? Why me? I’m a lesbian, I clearly do not like boys. And the fans are freaks!”

“That is why. You probably would never fall for him and you’re a fan yourself and I believe you would be able to handle the hate well. After all, you’re so thick-skinned. Also, this ‘Larry’ thing has got to end.”

“Hmmm… How much do I get?”

“Two million pounds.”

Veronica’s jaw dropped as Simon mentioned the amount she was going to be paid.

“You are allowed to do whatever you want with that money, but I hope you put it good use and invest in a home or something. On top of that, you also are going to be working for the band instead of me. You will be their personal assistant and possibly, friend.”

Simon studied Veronica’s face as she pondered.

“The job will not be official. You will be their unofficial personal assistant but you will still be getting paid like a normal personal assistant. Do you have any questions?” Simon asked, afraid that Veronica would turn him down.

“How long is this thing for?”

“Until the fans are convinced that Louis and Harry are not in love with each other or something like that.”

“Do I have to sign any papers?”


“When do I get paid?”

“If you say yes, the money would be transferred into your bank account tonight and you start your new job on Monday. What do you say?”







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