Bright Lights

A silly dare by a boy to his friend changed a girl's life forever.
Is love possible in the midst of bright lights?

*A new chapter will be uploaded every Saturday!*


2. Awkward

I’ll take the offer.

“That’s great!” Simon breathed, relieved. “Here is Harry’s number, you can get to know him and probably meet him and figure out when you want to go public and all that, I’ve told him about this. And here, is your salary for the month of November. I am paying you a full pay, since there’s only a few more days until December.”

Veronica grinned as Simon pushed the short stack of cash towards her.

“You will also be going to America with the boys for their gig at Madison’s Square Garden and I’ll pass you your Visa and travel details later. Just be sure to text me your particulars.”

“Thanks, Simon, I think I like you a little better now!”

“I guess that’s great. Thank you for coming over.”

“See you soon, bye!”

Veronica almost skipped out of the office, excited that she was pretty much going to be a millionaire after tonight.

She noticed that the receptionist wasn’t at the reception area, she couldn’t say good-bye today. She walked on, towards the elevator and went down to the car parking level. 

She whipped out her phone and scrambled in Harry’s number and pressed dial. Her heart beat sounded louder with every ring that went unanswered. Oh my god, I’m about to talk to Harry Styles!!!


Her heart stopped beating for a split second, she almost dropped her iPhone.

“Hi, Harry? I’m Veronica, your fake girl-friend,” she laughed silently at her lame joke.

“Oh, hey! What’s up?”

“I just spoke with Simon and all that and I’ve heard everything so I was wondering, do you want to meet up for coffee?”

“Yeah, sure! When?”

“Right now? Where are you?”

“I am at the rehearsal studio, and we’re just wrapping up in about ten minutes or so, I’ll meet you at the starbucks nearby? Or do you want to go somewhere else?”

“Nah, it’s alright, mate. I’ll come pick you up since I’m only a few minutes away.”

“Sure, see you!”


Veronica fastened her seat belt and started the engine, winding down the windows and making her way to the rehearsal studio, no need to ask Harry where it was, because everyone knew where it was, Pineapple Studios.

She felt the wind against her hair as she drove, making her forget about her nerves about meeting Harry Styles. 

I’ll just act like I’m not a huge fan, she told herself.

Or maybe I should not hide that I am a huge fan; I shouldn’t behave like a crazed fan, she argued with herself.

Deep breathes, in and out, she told herself as drove past the Starbucks which indicated that the studio was only a stone throw away.

She slowed down as she approached the studio, sounding the horn to alert Harry that she was there. Pulling the brake, Veronica watched as Harry and Zayn took pictures with the surprisinglyvery few fans that were there. 

Harry turned in Veronica’s way and she waved to him through the windscreen and managed to catch Harry’s eyes even through the heavily tinted windows. He waved back and walked towards the gray Range Rover with Zayn. 

Stay calm, deep breathes, Veronica mentally told herself, taking a deep breath as she did.

“Hello!” Harry smiled as he got into the passenger seat next to Veronica.

“See you soon, mate! Stay safe, bro, call me if you need me!” Zayn said as Harry wound down the window. “Love you, man,” Harry waved at him.

“I don’t think we can go to Starbucks!” Veronica stated as she drove away. 

“Yeah… So what do we do?”

“Hmmm… Do you have any plans for the weekends?”

“No, and I have the weekends off as well… What do you suggest we do?”

“Do you want to come over? I live alone anyways.”

“That’s a great idea! I live alone as well… We can get to know each other better as well!”

“Yes! Do you want me to drive to your house so that you can pack your stuff and head over to my house?” Veronica 
said, trying to contain her excitement. “Oh no, I’ve got to shop for groceries for my house!”

“We can go to Tesco’s before we go to my house, babe,”

“Alright! Tesco’s it is! What shall we have for lunch?”

“McDonald’s please!”

“If you say so! Wait, what if you get mobbed at Tesco’s?”

“I’ve got my beanie and Ray Bans!”

“All right!”

4.30PM, London

After successfully shopping for groceries in Tesco’s without causing any commotion and picking up Harry’s clothes 
and taking out lunch at a McDonald’s drive-thru, Veronica and Harry finally reached her apartment.

“Welcome to my humble abode!” Veronica smiled at Harry.

“This is a beautiful house, babe,” Harry sounded genuine.

“Thank you, and I hope you don’t mind living here because it isn’t as luxurious as your apartment!”

“Come on! Why would I mind! I love your house already!”

“It pays to have a boss like Simon Cowell, doesn’t it?”

“I’ve got to agree with you on that one!”

They continued talking as they laid the grocery down on the kitchen counter.

“I’ll show you around the house, so as you already know, this is the kitchen and that, is the dining area.”


“This is the living room, also known as my bedroom sometimes.” Pointing to the room next to the dining area, “this is the guest room,” they walked around the house as Veronica showed Harry around the house, also cracking awkward jokes in between.

“And finally, this,” she paused dramatically, “is where the magic happens!”

“This room didn’t originally have an en suite so my sister and I decided to break the wall on this side so that we 
would have an en suite.”

Harry nodded and looked around, his eye catching an A4 sized poster of Zayn on the wall in front of a workspace, which he presumed was Veronica’s.

“Are you a fan?” he asked.

“Yes… Ah, you saw the poster!!! I am a fan and I’ve been to a few of your concerts before!” she giggled, embarrassed.

“Aw that’s great and I hope you had fun, babe!”

“I sure did! Where do you want to sleep? You can sleep in the guest room or the living room or with me, here.”

“If you don’t mind, I can sleep with you!” Harry grinned at her and Veronica wondered if he was truly gay.

“All right! Keep your stuff here and we’ll go have lunch, and you can rest for a while and I’ll prepare dinner for us and if you’re okay with it, we’ll just have dinner and watch a movie and talk?”

“Yeah, that’d be good!”

He’s so cute and cheeky and I like him already… Thank God there’s no awkwardness between us, Veronica thought to herself as she lead Harry down to the dining area.

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