Irresistible ~Harry Styles~

She is a celebrities' sister, dated a now-celebrity that is now in a boy-band named One Direction. Does she regret breaking up with him? Is one of his best friend going to make her fall in love? Who is she going to choose? Read to find out (:


2. ~Chapter Two~


Chapter TWO

"Careful, beautiful." A strong husky british voice said in my ear, chuckling. This voice just made my spine spike.

"Oh, Thank you very much. I could have broken my face right there. I am so grateful!" I said, realizing what just happened. I looked at the face only inches away from me. Those deep green eyes got my attention. They were so... special. WHAT AM I SAYING? I only met this guy and I am already dreaming. Wait... Did he just call me 'beautiful'? He looked familiar. Not that I ever saw him but like I remembered some pictures that really looked like him.

"You are welcome, dear. What is your name?" He said, not moving away. He stared in my eyes and I was lost. I realized I didn't answer his question yet.

"Angelina Mars. You are?" I asked, moving away shyly. I had never been shy around guys! What's going on? He smiled at me and before he could answer, Ivy did the job for him.

"Harry Styles. Oh-my-god." She said slowly. Harry Sty- Wait WHAT? Oh my god! It's Harry Styles from One Direction!

"Nice to meet you. Sorry about my friend Ivy-Blue Sheeran." I said, smiling. I am pretty sure Ivy was having the day of her life.

"Just sisters of celebrities, huh? Do you girls want to meet the lads? I am sure they would love to meet two beautiful ladies. And actually, right now they are waiting for the ice creams." He said, sending me a wink. I frowned. Isn't Liam in the band? What am I supposed to say? And it seemed like Harry didn't know about our history together.

"Sure. I would love to." Ivy said, interrupting my thoughts. Oh NO! What was I supposed to do. Just stay calm and think about an excuse.

"Um... well, we have to go actually." I said apologetically.

"Angel, you know it can wait. Everything can wait when you are about to meet One Direction." She said, smiling cheekily at Harry.

"Sure... Ok well... Can I first get an ice cream? I am so sure the 'lads' would all like to have one too." I said, remembering what he said earlier.

"What kind of flavor do you want?" He said. I was about to protest when he spoke first. "I insist."

"Fine, I will have a chocolate ice cream... Ivy, what do you want?" I asked her. I realized that she had been dreaming the whole conversation... "IVY!" I screamed in her ears, making her jump.

"Um... vanilla would be fine." she said, looking down at her feet.

"Would you girls mind if I asked you to help me carry the ice creams... because there will be 7 of them. And 4 bags." He said, looking at our full bags. I smirked and nodded.

"Can I have 2 chocolates, 1 vanilla, one carrot, one blueberry, one candy and one coffee." He said, counting off his fingers. He actually memorized everything... Poor guy, he must have been forced... I laughed at my thought without knowing, getting stares from Ivy, Harry and the lady.

"You fine?" They asked at the same time. I laughed even more, holding my stomach.

"Yeah, yeah... I was just thinking about something..." I said, looking at their confused face.

"Here, it will be 14$. Card or cash?" The lady asked Harry. I looked at the 7 ice creams aligned on the table. I tried to hold another laugh, but I guess it didn’t work out really well because sounds like a muffled sound came out and I guess Ivy saw the ice creams because she started to laugh with me too. Harry gave us another confused look before handing the lady his credit card. He put his password in and looked at us as if searching for help. We got the message and each took 2 ice creams. Harry had the honor to take 3 ice creams.

      He lead us in front of a man's shop. He put the ice creams on a bench right in front of the store and told us to wait for them there. He went inside the shop and he came back with 4 other boys, holding each one bag, he had one too. He pointed in our direction and they walked over to us. I looked at them one by one. Harry, a blondish guy, a guy with a striped tee-shirt, a guy with really cool hair and... Liam. He changed. He looked surprised when he saw me. I gave him a sad smile that he returned immediately. I looked away and saw Ivy looking dreamily at them. Well I guess it is better than what I was waiting for. I thought she was going to scream and hug them tightly like she said she would do if she ever met them. Change of plans.

"Hi girls!" The striped tee-shirt guy said. He looked older.

"Hey, striped tee-shirt guy!" I responded, returning the excitement. Wait... oups... did I just say what I was thinking. I did not just say this to him... BUT I don't know his name!

"Yeah, hey lol!" The guy said, grinning at me.

"Hi, Louis! I am so happy to finally meet you." Ivy whispered beside me, dodging me.

"Oh stop it... Well hello!" The cool haired guy interrupted.

"Hey, cool-haired guy!" I spoke while grinning... this was fun!

"Hi, Zayn! Same as Louis!" Ivy was getting more comfortable by the second

"Holla! Dears! And you!" The blondish guy said, pointing at me. "Do not call me 'blondish guy'! Or I will kill you!" He warned, smirking.

"Hey, blond- I mean um... Irish guy! But I mean I love your accent and I don't see where is the problem to be blond..." I retorted, smiling at him kindly.

"HI, NIALL!" Ivy said loudly as if to tell me to shut up.

"Hey. Angelina." Liam said slowly. I looked at him and I knew that all the fun will now be gone.

"Hey, Liam. I am happy to see you again." I said, giving him a small smile. Everything I could do for now.

"YOU ACTUALLY KNOW HIS NAME? HOW COME?" Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Ivy asked at the same time, surprised.

"Well yeah, we met before. And we were friends." I giggled, seeing that Liam wasn't going to say anything. I kept on my fake smile because I was just about to cry.

"So... My name is Angelina Mars and..." I introduced myself and showed Ivy to do the same.

"I am Ivy-Blue Sheeran. Nice to meet you guys!" We said in unison the last sentence.

"WAIT! You are Bruno Mars's little sister?" Louis asked in amazement, pointing at me. I smirked and nodded slowly, laughing when his eyes grew bigger, which was a bit creepy. "And you are Ed Sheeran's little sister?" Zayn pointed at Ivy who did the same a me. The boys swallowed the information slowly before returning to their normal self. Suddenly I felt something on my legs. I looked down and saw that the ice creams have a bit melted. The boys looked down too and immediately each took out some Kleenex out of their pockets. They all handed me one at the same time. I looked at each of them and decided to take the one from the blon- I mean Niall. I cleaned the bit on my leg and the bench.

"Thank you, Niall!" I said, and when I looked at the guys, Niall was blushing and the others had all jealous faces. "Ok, I meant ‘Thank you, guys!’" I say, chuckling. I quickly grabbed a chocolate ice cream and began to lick it. The boys did the same and I finally realized that Ivy didn't say anything. I gave her her ice cream and grabbed her by the arm.

"Sorry, boys. Can I talk to her for a bit? Coming back in 5 minutes. Stay HERE!" I ordered, walking over to the toilet. I opened the door and pushed Ivy in after looking behind me. The boys were talking to each other and they were looking at us. Weirdos.

"IVY! Are you ok?" I asked her, making her look at me in the eyes.

"Yeah, I am fine but did you see how THEY reacted? Oh my god... They really like you! You are so lucky!" She babbled in a rush. Looking super excited.

"Was it all about that?" I said in surprisement. She nodded and I sighed deeply. This is Ivy. "Let's go back." We walked over to the boys who were STILL talking and they smiled at us. What were they talking about?

"Hey! What were you guys talking about?" Me and Ivy asked curiously at the same time. The boys grinned at us.

"Oh, we were just talking about how you too were charming and beautiful." Harry complimented, winking at me, Niall hit him on the arm, making me laugh at their brotherness. So cute.

"Want to continue shopping or wanna go over to mine?" I asked them. They all looked happy and nodded at my second option. I smiled and took out my phone.

"Who you calling?" Ivy asked.

"My brother. I am going to ask him if he is home and if I can bring 5 fools." I say, smirking. "Call your bro to ask him if he wanna come have fun too." Ivy searched her phone in the wallet and called her brother.

(Phone Conversation with me and Bruno)

"-Hey Bro! It's me! You home?
-Yup, Why?
-Can I bring five guys over? _I know he must looked shocked but it's fun teasing him_
-Who and with Ivy right?
-Yeah! Of course with Ivy! Do you think I would bring 5 guys home alone? Disgusting.
-Do I know them?
-Maybe. But surprise! Clean the house a bit!
-Okidoki, waiting for you!
-Oh and put some water in the swimming pool! We will be home in 45 minutes! BYE!
-Bye, lovely sunshine!"

I saw the 'lads' laughing, holding their stomach. I was pretty sure that my conversation was funny...

"So what did your brother say?" I asked Ivy who looked like she was about to laugh too.

"He is going to your house right now." She said, winking at me. I rolled my eyes and watched the boys in desperate need.

"So... We might need to go back to your hou-, wherever you live, to pick some clothes and swimming suits." I observed.

"Well, we have some clothes here for tonight so it will be fine and we can buy some new swimsuits right now." Liam says, showing us their bags. “You know, we just need them to fit at the bottom.” He said, making us crack up. I loved his british accent!

"Yeah sure, but please don't be too picky. I am pretty sure you wear all the same size so there will be no problem.” After going in 3 shops, the boys finally found some suitable swimsuits. We went in the parking lot, me and Ivy got in my car. The boys got in their car. I started the engine and I heard someone horn behind me which meant that I can now lead and go on. I horned back saying that I am ready.

"You know... I think that Harry really likes you, maybe even more than just friends. And Liam too. Wait... You said that you guys met before? How come I don't know? Tell me everything." She pressed, looking at me curiously. The whole way to my house, I told Ivy everything. She didn't say anything. When we arrived, I told her to keep her mouth zipped and not tell anybody... until I am ready. We went in the house and waited for the guys.

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