Irresistible ~Harry Styles~

She is a celebrities' sister, dated a now-celebrity that is now in a boy-band named One Direction. Does she regret breaking up with him? Is one of his best friend going to make her fall in love? Who is she going to choose? Read to find out (:


3. ~Chapter Three~


Chapter THREE

-Harry's POV-

We got in Angelina's house, which was quite big for only 3 people. We walked in dreaming, and looked around in amazement. She looked at us, grinning widely and we heard someone coughs behind us. We turned around and saw Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran in person. They smirked at us and we looked at them, smile on our face. Behind us, we heard 2 person run and we watched as Angelina and Ivy ran over to their brothers, hugging them tightly. They all looked so cute. I miss my own sister though, Gemma. After hugging their own brothers, they went to hug the other brother. We smiled at their closeness and I especially looked at Angelina only, she looked just like an angel coming out of nowhere.

"So, are you guys going to stand there and look at us or are you going to come with us and visit the house? Because we have a lot of things to do." Angelina said, look impatient on her face. We all nodded together, not being able to talk. Louis fake cried on my shoulder saying how mama Angy was being mean. Angy just acted as if she was sorry and then left him alone crying on him, it was like an act. All of us cracked up.

"So, here is the living room. Here is the kitchen, which I think Niall is going to be a lot in because there are a lot of food in there. Here is the bathroom, the local one. Here is my bedroom and here is my bathroom... not like you need to know. But anyways, here is Bruno's bedroom and his bathroom. Here is the guestroom and here is the other one. They each have a bathroom that are identical. We have a music room where you can sing of course and play some different instrument. We actually have a piano that we don't use so much now. Me and Ivy and maybe some other friends sing in there and post them on Youtube. Finally here is the dancing room where you can always find me. Oh, yeah, here is the swimming pool! Now go change in one of the guestrooms and the maid will bring you some towels." She says, looking at us worriedly, expecting something bad to happen.

"It's fine, we won't mess around don't worry, well I will do my best to keep them from messing but it is pretty hard. I am telling you." I told her warningly, making her sigh a deep breath.

"Fine, go go." She mumbled, shooing us away. She got in her room with Ivy. And then we heard the door close. Like a signal, we ran to get our bags and got in one of the guestrooms. I closed the door slowly and when I turned around, the boys were looking at me with a glint of curiosity in their eyes.

"So... You like her, right? Did you see how you were reacting in front of her, seriously, you haven't been like that to any girl." Louis said making me grimace. I mean, is it so easy to see that I was falling for her. She is beautiful, charming, funny and understanding. Who can not fall with a girl as perfect as her?

"I am not saying anything." I answered blushing a deep red, I know it is weird for a guy to blush but hey that’s me. They whistled and gave me thumbs-up. Liam didn't look so happy though, I wonder why.

"She doesn't like me." I said, trying to convince them so that they will stop.

"Well... you are going to figure it out when she is going to see you shirtless." Zayn winked at me. Good idea... I winked back flirtatiously, making the boys laugh hard. We all put on our swimsuits and went outside. Bruno and Ed were already in the pool. They have a big cool pool and a small hot one. The five of us jump all as one in the pool, making water splash everywhere.

"Argh! What's happening here?" I heard an angelic voice say behind us. I turned around with the boys at the same time and we stared at the two fit beautiful girls in front of us. They giggled shyly at our reaction, grinning. Only Bruno and Ed were smirking at us.

"It happens that two beautiful ladies have just front of our poor eyes." I answered, winking at Angelina, making her roll her eyes at me. I grinned even more while looking up and down her fit body. She pulled her towel closer to her as if trying to hide her body from us. Why would she be so self-conscious?

"It actually happened that I don't know for what reasons, I got splashed with water right before walking out the door," She argued back, smiling cheekily at me. She looked at the others, and they all seemed frozen in place, their eyes on her. I suppose that I am the only one who was fast!

"Oh my god, guys! You already have your own girlfriends and keep your eyes to yourself! Dirty minded!" Ivy yelled, making everybody wake up and laugh at her... comment. I got out of the pool and walked over to Angel. She couldn't help but smile when she looked at me. I KNEW IT!

"Does my lady want help to get in the water?" I asked her, bowing a little. She laughed with her beautiful one, making me smirk widely,

"Why not?" She says, winking back at me. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer so that I could carry her bridal style. She snaked her arms around my neck as if gripping onto me. I put her by the side of the pool and got in the water. I grabbed her by the waist again and pulled her deeper in the water. She put her hand on my shoulders and smiled sweetly at me. Everybody were watching at us, even Bruno and Ed.

"SOOO!!!! Wanna play volleyball?" Ivy said, interrupting the silence. We all nodded and she ran in the house to get a ball, grabbing Angel out of the pool. "Coming back! Don't do anything bad!" Angel yelled, before disappearing in the house. The boys all came around me and asked me tons of questions.

"Somebody in mind?", "Are you taking her? Because I would not think about it and go for her", "You lucky bastard!", "Don't touch my sister! You PIGS!", "She looks really nice!". Only Ed and Liam were quiet. I saw Angel looking at us from her bedroom, she smiled at me and sended me a wink.

"Shut up! Yeah! I like her! Well... I have feelings for her." I said quickly, losing her sight. After hearing steps in the house, the two ladies came back again and holded a plastic ball. They threw at us and we all tried to take it. Zayn took it and didn't let us touch it. The girls jumped in the water.

"Ok! So we have to form teams!" Me and Ivy are going to be the captains!" Angel yelled so that we heard her, even though we could hear her well enough. "Ivy! You go first!" She said.

"I pick Louis!"

"I pick... hard choice... Niall! My Leprechaun!

"Liam, come in!"

"Fine Harry! I call for flirty powers!"

"ZAYN!!! Use your mirrors!"

"Ok... between brothers... I am going to take... ED! Bruno, I am sorry but... HA!"

"Come with us bro! We are going to beat them!

"Hey! We are only 4 and you guys are 5! Ok... Whatever! We are still way stronger!''

"Really? So you think that you can beat us?" Angel asked Ivy, sending her a 'You must be kidding me' look. She giggled into a huge fit.

-Angelina’s POV-

"Start!" I said, taking the ball and sending it to the opposite camp. It fell right between Louis and Ivy. The two of them went for it and knocked their head on each other. Ivy bursted out laughing making me sigh. Louis just groan.

"Oh my god! Are you guys ok? I am going to get some ice and get out of the water!" I said, running to the kitchen. I heard footsteps behind me but I didn't care, too rushed. I grabbed two plastic bags and put 10 ice cubes in each, when doing all of this, I felt one pair of eyes gazing at me. I finally looked at the person who followed and met Harry's eyes.

"What do you need?"I asked him hurriedly.

"Oh, Niall just got out of the pool and well, like said that he was hungry and so like, um I wanted to ask you where are the foods here..." He asked, blushing but coming closer to me. I giggled at his shyness.

"In the cupboard over there." I answered, about to walk away. But when I passed Harry, he grabbed my arm and made me turn around to look at him. I was shocked and stumbled on my feet. We stayed there for a few minutes, staring into each others eye. Harry was the one breaking the silence.

“You know Angy, you are a really nice girl... and um... I really like you so um I was wondering if you would like to go the cine-” He was speaking so quickly that it was hard for me to understand him. He got cut off by somebody coughing near the door. Both of us looked up to see who was the interrupter and saw everybody, when I mean everybody, it is everybody like our maid and even my brother. We both pulled away and stayed a few inches from the other. It was so awkward so I just left and went up my room, hearing some loud chit-chat. Ivy came up to my room too, following me. She tried to hide her excitement but failed deeply.

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