Irresistible ~Harry Styles~

She is a celebrities' sister, dated a now-celebrity that is now in a boy-band named One Direction. Does she regret breaking up with him? Is one of his best friend going to make her fall in love? Who is she going to choose? Read to find out (:


5. ~Chapter Five~


Chapter FIVE

"Bruno?" I asked quietly, looking behind. He answered by doing a muffled sound.

"Can I go to the lads house? We are having this small party..." I murmured to him. He nodded and I jumped in excitement in my seat, making Ivy glare at me. I smirked at her and jumped some more. We were following the lads' car when we finally got to a huge mansion. The boys parked their car and came to open ours. I gave the car keys to Bruno so that he could drive home. He winked at me playfully before driving away. I looked in awe at the mansion.

"So... Um wanna get inside or do you want to stay out there?" Harry said sarcastically. I glared at him before walking in the door slowly.

"Whose house can that be?" I whispered but it was still loud enough for Harry to hear because he was next to me.

"Mine. I just bought it a few weeks ago." He said nonchalantly. I looked at him in shock and my jaw dropped open.

"I never thought a person like you would have such a good house." I stated, shrugging, rolling my eyes playfully. I popped onto the huge sofa and 5 seconds later, I heard my stomach grumble but I also heard another one that was on the other side of the room. I looked over and saw Niall blushing, I giggled and walked over to the kitchen which was also huge. I went to open the fridge and saw 2 packs of Twix! I grabbed them and threw one to Niall, he caught it and sent me his cute Irish smile. At the corner of my eye, I could see Harry staring at me. I grinned and felt myself sink in the sofa, I threw my heels away and laid on Harry, who was sitting next to me. My whole body was now on the sofa and I heard Harry chuckle.

“Make yourself at home...” He said smirking.

“Already have! It’s comfy...” I said finishing his sentence. He glared at me before looking away. I smiled proudly and watched as Zayn was talking to Liam about how mirrors should be an app in the Iphones. Louis was making Niall laugh by eating carrots in a funny bunny way. The girls didn’t come yet and Ivy was making us some sandwiches in the kitchen. Me and Harry were left alone thinking peacely. He suddenly pulled me close to him but I didn't budge. We heard the doorbell ring and the boys looked at us expectantly. I made my puppy face at Harry, he sighed and walked over to the door while I was arranging my hair. I sat properly on the sofa, waiting for the girls to come in at last. I saw Danielle Peazer come in first, Liam's girlfriend. She was pretty and had a shining smile. Secondly, Eleanor Calder, she was quite tall and really really pretty. Finally, Perrie Edward came in and I looked at her in awe. She was stunning and I loved her blond curls. I felt like I would be great friends with these 3. Each one of them went to kiss and hug their boyfriends and then they hugged the lads. When they each came to me, I introduced myself and they seemed quite curious about me because my head was laying on Harry's shoulder...

"So... Here is Angelina Mars, Bruno Mars's little sister. We met her in the mall today." Harry said smiling. The girls winked at me and I giggled.

"So Harry, you are going to introduce only her? Huh? What about me? You like her more than me? I am not talking to you ever again!" Ivy said, coming into the living room. Poor Harry chuckled... I guess I didn't tell you guys about this but Ivy and Harry had this "special" bond which was really funny.

"Oh sorry! So here is Ivy Sheeran, Ed Sheeran's little sister... She is crazy!" he said the last part quickly, getting some strong glares from Ivy. The girls laughed and hugged us each. We all went to the kitchen because Ivy had in ally finished cooking. There was some chicken in one plate, some pizza and some sandwiches. I am going to tell you guys something: I don't eat a lot. 1. Because I think I am fat. 2. I don't want to look like a fat person eating too much. 3. I am just not hungry. So Ivy was always mad at me because I didn't eat anything. I grabbed the smallest sandwich and bit in it.

"So, Angy! I saw some of your videos on YouTube and I really think you should try the X Factor." Perrie told me, I blushed a deep red, nobody here, well count Ivy out, knew that I sang. It was true that I already had a small fan base and that I had millions of views on each video, but I was too scared to try out.

"Yea! I told her the same and she won't believe me! She is quite stubborn..." Ivy said, taking my chance to speak.

"I am not that good! I mean I can just dance and sing a little bit, it isn't going to make me pass!" I said, a bit too loudly, frustrated.

"What about you sing for us?" Zayn said, a small light of excitement in his eyes. I sighed and nodded.

"Can Ivy play the guitar please?" I asked them, giving everybody puppy eyes. Niall nodded while munching on his last Twix. He went to take his guitar and came back, waddling like a penguin. I smirked at him and Ivy took the guitar and sat down on one of the stools. I sat on one too and everybody else was now facing us. I wasn't really stressed because I already did some singing in front of the whole school.

"Cannonball..." I mouthed at Ivy. It was our favourite song. She nodded and smiled down at the guitar. She started strumming and I could see Perrie smiling sweetly at me when she recognised the song. Youtube

I was finishing when everybody clapped their hand. I grinned proudly and popped down next to Perrie. She gave me a huge hug before whispering in my ear 'You need to meet the other girls', and I knew she was talking about the other girls in LITTLE MIX! She smirked at me and I couldn’t help but grin widely. I nodded enthusiastically and she laughed at my reaction.

“That was awesome! You could seriously become a real big star with that voice!” Zayn said, a small glint of excitement in his brown chocolate eyes. I chuckled and rolled my eyes. I couldn’t just sing, I had to choose between singing or dancing as my career. I needed to choose.

“Don’t you dance too? How about you show us some moves?” Liam said, grinning at me. So after 2 years, he didn’t forget yet.

“Sure...” I groaned. “I don’t have the clothes for dancing but I will just try like that.” I said, warming up a little bit. “Ivy? Can you please put ‘Boyfriend’? Thanks darling.” I smiled at her sweetly. She nodded and the song came on. Here was the dance moves I did: Youtube

After I finished, Danielle looked at me and gave me the thumbs up. I nodded and waited for the guys to say something because they were all paralyzed. I giggled at their reaction and Louis came back to reality.
“That was...” He said, I couldn’t be that bad right? I mean, ok, I haven’t danced for a while but still... “EXTRAORDINHARRY!” Louis screamed in a high-pitched voice. I burst out laughing at the word choice he used. Harry chuckled at Louis and gave him a slight push. I blushed and looked down. Just then, Harry had to embarrass me.

“Aw! Little Angel is blushing! Look at her! Isn’t she cute?” Harry said pinching my cheek, I slapped his hand away and everybody else bursted out laughing. I glared at him and pouted. He came and was about to give me a hug when I pushed him away. He looked at me with wide eyes, surprised.

“OHHHHH” Everybody owed together which made me grin at me.

“OMG! You just refused a hug from handsome sexy hot smoking cute Harry Styles!” He screamed in a high-pitched voice. I chuckled and turned around to see everybody on the floor.

“Yes I did! SO WHAT?” I ran out of the room, hearing footsteps getting closer and closer to me, I got quickly in the bathroom and stayed there until I heard footsteps walking away. I creaked the door open to see Harry standing in front of me. I gulped and screamed.

“SOMEBODY HELP ME! I AM GOING TO DIE!” I yelled, out of breath. I finally saw Liam in front of me and I hid behind him. Liam was standing in front of me so I couldn’t see anything that was going on. Suddenly I saw curls on one side and  heard giggling. I got picked up from the ground and my eyes got hypnotized in emerald eyes. I was carried away bridal style. I close my eyes, waiting for the worse.

I heard a door open slowly and I was thrown on a bed. I grunted and looked up. Harry was smirking down at me. I widened my eyes and put the sheets over my head. I heard him laugh and he took them away from me. I shrieked and hid my eyes using my hands. He opened them and looked at me in the eye. I turned around and looked away immediately knowing what he was about to do. But I couldn't let him play with my feelings, I mean he is known as the flirty one. He can be all nice and kissy one day but the next he can be totally ignoring you. I didn’t want to try.

He sighed and layed down next to me. After 5 minutes of nice silence, I was tired and about to go to sleep. I was about to stand up when he pulled me back down. I thought he was sleeping though. I turned my face around so that I was facing him and even though we were in the dark, I saw the hurt in his eyes. I snuggled deeper in his chest to make him feel better.

“Do you like me, Angel?” Harry asked me, making me stop dead in my movements.

“Harry I can't just like you like that all of a sudden and you already lost some of my respect, you should hear what the media said about you.” I replied as gently a possible. “And... You still don't know everything about me... It has been like only 12 hours since we met?”

“Then tell me more about you!” He asked me, curiosity in his voice.

“Harry, I used to be with Liam, we were together for 2 years and when he met you guys, I knew you guys would be famous. I knew he could find someone better than me so I broke up with him. But I think I might still have feelings for him, I haven’t dating any other guy after him. And I kept on having dreams about both of us. Now that I meet him again, I don’t know what will happen.” I didn’t know who I had feelings for anymore, it was getting so confusing. “I am sorry, Harry.”

He stood up and walked up towards the door, he was about to open the door when he stops.

“Angy, I just want you to think about it, I really like you. It’s your choice though and I will respect it.” He said, without looking at me. And then he walked out the door. The door slammed and I winced. I laid there looking at the ceiling.

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