Toxic Fiction's A Wall

My first published movella currently in progress.

Constructive Criticism is mostly needed as early as possible so I can readily adjust to whatever needs to be fixed.

A group of youngsters' fight for survival.


1. Prologue

"We cannot anymore tolerate such rowdy and unacceptable behavior! This is crossing the line, my dear boy. You leave us no choice. A warning was enough" The inspector stated in an initally exclamatory manner then gradually in a falling intonation while his body doesn't budge, erect and steady. He had a rather bohemian sense of fashion which deviated that of the trendies. Not really bothered to properly abide to the dress code and instead dressed himself up in a rather wacky way. Which unfortunately gave him not a professional demeanor but an unorthodox one juxtaposed by his deadpan expression.

"He is but a boy, Inspector sir. I thought people like you were considerate. You can't just lock up away me' son!" The man wrapped his trembling arms around the pale, fragile looking boy. The father, which in turn gave an aura of lack of confidence of himself. Refused to engage in eye contact with the Inspector and stared at his son fully of worry in his features.

"The authority has given too many chances to delinquents and has come up with the solution of putting them into the facility. Inside the facility, they shall surely have their errors be corrected. A much simpler way, If I am to be asked." He began to walk in a slow pace leading to a table and opposite in his direction a big blackboard with the words inscribed Precise molding of the youth is our profession.

"It is of the government's belief that nowadays miserable parents like you have loosened their grip on these savage children. Adapting a permissive style of parenting. They should be disciplined. Always monitored." He sat the nearby monochromatic gray table and clasped his hands together that fell in his lap. After doing so, he reaches for the drawer and pulls out a stack of paper.

"Let us do the job for you, my dear sir. A privilege in which you, have failed to act upon." 


End of Prologue


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