Spring Break

Lexi and her two best friends Jamie and Leigh are going on a trip to Hawaii for spring break.... While the girls are in Hawaii .. They meet their favorite band .... One Direction .. Lexi and the girls get really close to the boys .. Lexi and Jamie start having feelings for one of the boys ?? Who might they be ... Stay tune to find out!!


1. Packing

Lexi P.O.V:

"Omg I was so excited ! Jamie,Leigh and I were all going to Hawaii for spring break!
We have been planing this since we've started high school, now that we're all eighteen and seniors .. We're old enough ...but I still wondering how come my parents let me go, by myself with friends and no adults? Mmmm but at least they said yes!!!!
(Flash back)
Mom: hey sweetheart, how was your last day before spring break went ?
Lexi: fine, I just wanted to ask you something mom..
Mom: and that is.....?
Lexi: well I was wondering, if Jamie, Leigh and I go to Hawaii for spring break?
Mom: no and that's final!
Lexi: but... Mom, listen you haven't heard the whole story yet..
Mom: okay better be good.
Lexi: so us three wanted to go to Hawaii for the two week break, so we all decided that we pay for the hotel, the tickets and anything we need... Please mom let me go, I'm eighteen and I'm not a baby anymore ... Don't you trust me?
Mom: fine.. But at least let me help you with some of the things you need ...
Lexi: please mom ! ....wait what?.... Omg thank you mom ! I love you so much!!
Mom: love you too!
Lexi: well bye mom gotta go tell Jamie and Leigh ... Their going to be so happy! (Runs out of the room)...
Mom: bye..
(End of flash back)
So i was at Leigh's house and telling her that i was aloud to go .. she was over excited!!! but we still haven't heard from Jamie yet ... I hope she can come Leigh said ... And then we waited and talked about Hawaii !
Buzz..buzz I hear my phone beep ... Oh! It's from Jamie .. Hope she can come.....
Jamie: hey! Babe guess what.... I'm coming to Hawaii !!!
Lexi: omg really I'm so happy yay! Now all three of us are aloud !
Jamie: heheh lol, we'll cya later babe... Gonna pack for Sunday :$
Lexi: okie dokie babe see you then .....
Omg Leigh ! Jamie coming to Hawaii
Yeah I'm so excited added Leigh
Oh! Shoot, we should be getting our things together and packing our things . I just remembered ..
Oh good idea Lexi ... Said Leigh
Well I'm gonna go .. I'll see you Sunday ... Oh and I have our plane tickets, we have to be at the airport by 6am make sure to tell Jamie ..
Sure thing Lexi Bye!
So I went back home and started packing .. Like we all said we would...

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