Spring Break

Lexi and her two best friends Jamie and Leigh are going on a trip to Hawaii for spring break.... While the girls are in Hawaii .. They meet their favorite band .... One Direction .. Lexi and the girls get really close to the boys .. Lexi and Jamie start having feelings for one of the boys ?? Who might they be ... Stay tune to find out!!


4. Niall

Lexi P.O.V

So that's when I seen Niall Horan from One Direction!!!!!! Hello .. How may I help your sir.. I said to him..Niall : well I'm in the next room of yours and was wondering if I may use your bathroom... One of my roommates are taking a shower and I don't think I can hold it any longer...
Lexi: heheh ! Sure come right in... Oh and hi I'm Lexi ..
Niall: thanks you Lexi... I'm Niall nice too meet you...
So then Niall went to the bathroom and Leigh and Jamie asked what happened .. I told that Niall horan is using our bathroom. Cause his is blocked by his roommate ... They got so excited.. We were all directioners and we never thought that we would get to meet any of them... Niall came out of the bathroom ... We talked a little and then gave me his number ... Omg I was fan girling inside but I played it cool.. After he left I went to the girls and screamed in happiness! I was so excited ...
Niall P.O.V

So Liam was in the shower and I had to pee really bad .. So I went to the room next to us and was going to ask to use there bathroom when the most beautiful girl in the world Lexi came out ... I asked her nicely and then let me in...while I was in the bathroom I heard Lexi and her friends over talking .. Lexi said that Niall horan from one direction was using our bathroom... They were excited .. I guessed they were directioners ....
After I talked to Lexi and gave her my number and went back into my room.. I swear I heard her screaming ... I walked into the room with a hug grin on my face .. Then Liam and zayn asked what happened .. I played cool and pretended that I didn't know what they were talking about.. But then I told them .. Cause I couldn't hold it back anymore ... They both awed and ouhed .

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