Spring Break

Lexi and her two best friends Jamie and Leigh are going on a trip to Hawaii for spring break.... While the girls are in Hawaii .. They meet their favorite band .... One Direction .. Lexi and the girls get really close to the boys .. Lexi and Jamie start having feelings for one of the boys ?? Who might they be ... Stay tune to find out!!


3. Lost already...(hotel)

Lexi P.O.V

When we got out of the plane .. We called a cab, it didn't take to long to get here.... We told the diver to drop us off at the hotel but .... Something went wrong .. It wasn't the right hotel, how come .. I gave him the right hotel address .... So now were in Hawaii LOST!!!
So I took out phone and called another cab to get us... This time he knew were he was going....
Jamie P.O.V

It took awhile to find our hotel.. But once we got there we went to get are hotel room number... We were on the 8th floor room 400.. We ran to our room and jumped on our beds.. Mmmm the beds were so soft, that when sat on the beds we fell straight a sleep ......time passed by..... We all woke up and it was only 2pm .. So we went shopping .. Was the best thing we've done together ..
Leigh P.O.V

We were done shopping and called a cab to get us... So we stopped and Starbucks and bought some drinks... Today wasn't that fun but I bet the others will be fun! I think I was the only one thinking about how many cute boys will meet...hmm I wish we can meet someone famous.. That would be amazing....
Lexi P.O.V

We came back from Starbucks and sat down to watch some tv... Until the door bell rang... I got up to go get it and once I opened the door my mouth dropped wide open..
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