Spring Break

Lexi and her two best friends Jamie and Leigh are going on a trip to Hawaii for spring break.... While the girls are in Hawaii .. They meet their favorite band .... One Direction .. Lexi and the girls get really close to the boys .. Lexi and Jamie start having feelings for one of the boys ?? Who might they be ... Stay tune to find out!!


2. Airport

Jamie P.O.V

It was 6am and I arrived at the airport .. I was tired .. But also excited that we were going to Hawaii ! So I was waiting for Leigh and Lexi to come .. Sooner Leigh came and right behind her was Lexi .. We all hugged each other then Lexi gave us our tickets and off we went..
Leigh P.O.V

When I came in the airport I seen Jamie waiting for us and the I looked behind to see that Lexi was right behind me in a rush...Lexi gave us the tickets and we went into the plane.. We were assigned in first class .. How lucky we're we !!
Lexi P.O.V

So I gave the girls their plane ticket and went to first class... It was so nice ... I sat by the window and took a nap .. Cause the plane ride was about three hours ....And it's gonna be a long ride.. I've sleeped through most of the plane ride but the others we on their phones or laptops.. After an hour passed by and we arrived to Hawaii ! We got our suit cases and walk out of the plane and looking at the amazing view....
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