Everything Has Changed

It's funny how love can change someone. There's no warning. No hints, no heads-up. Deny it if you choose, but it's a fact. No matter who you are, what your age, or where you're from, love will change you whether it's for better or for worse. How do I know? I've seen it happen. To others, to me, and believe it or not, it will happen to you.


3. Ohana.


I sat there smiling like a goof listening to the rest of the album. Harry and I had actually talked about something other than school, soccer, or Ryan. I could still hear the boys shouting at the game over the music, and when the shouting stopped, I knew Harry was going home soon.

“I’ll see ya tomorrow, Ryan.”

“Later bro!”

I heard Harry walk across Ryan’s bedroom floor. He shuffled across the hall and started going down the stairs. When he got to the bottom, he turned back and called up the stairs.

“Bye, Haven!”

My face broke into a huge grin.

“Bye, Harry!” I replied.

“When you’re done with that Yellowcard album, do ya mind if I borrow it?” he asked.

“Sure!” I called back.

After I heard the front door close I knew Harry had left. I got up and turned Yellowcard up even louder than it already was. I sashayed across my bedroom floor and unzipped my backpack. I pulled out a blue notebook and a purple-ink pen. I opened the notebook to a random page and started doodling hearts all over it.

After four more songs had played, Mom called up the stairs.

“Ryan, Haven, dinner!”

“Okay!” We replied in unison.

I head Ryan hop out of bed and thump down the stairs. I kept doodling, listening to the last 32 seconds of “Miles Apart” I finally rolled off my bed and headed downstairs.

Mom had made fried chicken with peas, salad, and biscuits on the side. I sat down and started shoveling food into my mouth.

“What's the rush, kid?” Mom asked.

“Nothin’…” I replied. I just wanted to go back upstairs and keep doodling.

“You sure?” John piped in.

John was my mom’s boyfriend.

“Yeah.” I said flatly.

John and I didn’t exactly get along. It’s not that he wasn’t a nice guy; it’s just that he wasn’t my dad… I didn’t want either one of my parents seeing someone else.

I finished eating and put my plate in the sink. Mom, John, and Ryan all stared at me as I hustled out of the room.

I ran up the stairs, taking two at a time, and flopped back down on my bed. I closed my doodle-filled notebook and put it back in my backpack. I slid out my laptop and cracked it open. I went on Facebook and clicked the search bar.

Harry Styles” I clicked “Go”.

Harry’s facebook profile popped up instantly. His profile picture was him and Ryan, facing away from the camera, walking onto the soccer field. I could tell that Harry’s left hand was pushing his curly hair back, and his right arm was hung next to his body. Ryan had both of his hands swaying by his sides. Harry’s number was 17, and Ryan’s was 23. I scrolled through his page, reading a few of his statuses.

“Lady and The Tramp. Highly underrated film.”

“The difference between doing something and not doing something…. Is doing something.”

“Mum and I are jamming to 99 problems while cooking dinner..”

“The snooze setting is the reason everything is late.”


I smiled as I read through his statuses. I scrolled back up to the top of the page and clicked “Photos.” Harry didn’t have very many of his own pictures, it was mostly just pictures of him that he’d been tagged in. I browsed through the only album he had; “Ohana.” I smiled at the titled. I remembered the quote from the movie Lilo and Stitch, 

“Ohana means family. And family means no one gets left behind.”

I started clicking through pictures, mostly of him and his sister, Gemma. He had a couple of pictures with his father, some pictures with his mom, Ann, and a few with his stepfather. Harry was smiling in all the pictures and looked really happy.

After looking through his “Ohana” album, I looked through some of the pictures he was tagged in. He was smiling in a few of them, but in most of them he was pulling a goofy face. I laughed really loudly at one of him and one of his friends whom I’d never seen before, Harry was in a tight white t–shirt, and wore tight short pink shorts, yellow knee-high socks, and blue crocs. On top of his head was a long blonde wig, and on his face were a pair of thick-framed black glasses. He was sitting in a chair facing the camera with a blank face, with his left hand raised in the Spock symbol, while his right hand covered his crotch. His friend was in a purple onesie, pink boots, and had a curly red wig on. He was doing a handstand to Harry’s right.

The caption on the picture was “Harry and I in English last year on “Opposite Gender Day.” I’m tellin’ ya. This kid’s NUTS! :) love you bro.”

I smiled and shut my laptop.


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