Happily Ever After

Avery has a perfectly normal life until her and her boyfriend, Harry Styles, get invited to an old best friends birthday party. Avery will have to live the next 18 years with her precious gift, but what happens when she has her worst nightmare. Is it just a dream or is it her future?"


14. Rest in Peace


Averys POV

Today i am going shopping with Perrie and El to get a dress for her and Louis' wedding. I had my shower and was cuddled
up next to Harry on the couch while on Twitter. It was really cool knowing your baby was already famous. There were
tweets such as:


It was so sweeet! Harry leaned over looking at the tweets and smiled. I got up to go get something to eat, Harry followed.
He leaned down and kissed my belly making me laugh. "She's going to be beautiful, Ave." he said standing up to kiss me.
There was a knock on the door and Harry went to answer. Louis and Niall walked in and sat on the couch with Harry.
"Hi Avery" Louis said turning on the Telly. "Hi Louis are you and EL ready for your wedding." i said smirky. "Yeah, i guess
i really want to see her dress but she wont let me go." he said looking at the ground. "Awww poor Lou." I laughed.
The front door opened and in came El and Perrie they were breathing hard. "What's the rush." Louis said running over to
kiss Elenour. "WE got chased by a dog." Perrie said laughing. "You walked?" Harry said getting up to put down his plate
of salad. "Yeah we did." El said rolling her eyes at Perrie. "Their going to close if we don't get there on time." I told el.
"Your right, Bye guys." she said walking out the door with Perrie. I kissed Harry and followed them.

We arrived at DRESS BOTIQUE and El went straight in without waiting on us. "I think she's pretty Happy." Perrie said with
a smirk. "Yeah" I laughed. WE walked over to see a beautiful white dress with sparkes going down the him. It  was sleevless
with glitter slashing down the layer of the dress. "I really like this one Avery!" she said grabbing her size. WE pushed her
into a dressing room and waited till she came out. I heard the door unlock and El came out. It was so beautiful on her.
"Oh my god El its Beautiful!" I said feeling the ruffles at the bottom of the dress. "Thanks I think I'm getting this one."
she said. "Thank god that was quick" perrie said removing El's purse from her. WE walked to the register and paid, and hopped
in the car. "That dress was beautiful I really like it." I told her she smiled and cranked the car. WE got on the Highway and
the Traffic was terrible. WE got at a green light and started to go but a this Taxi ran their red light and it us from
the side making the car flip once and hit two cars beside us. I tried to grab my stomach but i couldn't move.

Harry's POV

"The girls have been gone for awhile now, don't you think they should be back now. i told Louis. "Their girls" he smirked
at me. At that moment Louis phone rang he put it on speaker because he was watching TV. "Hello?" he said "Hey It's Danielle."
"Hey Dani whats up" Louis said trying to consentrate on the Telly. "Louis i need you to listen to me." she said panicy.
"What is it?" he said listening to her but still watching Tv but I had full consentration on Dani because it sounded very
important. "I was driving down the Highway when there was a car crash I saw...." she started to cry. "Who is it?" i said
sternly. "Eleanours body was laying bloody on the concrete it looked like she had been knocked out of the car or
something..."she hung up pretty fast not wanting us to hear her cry. All three of us were frozen. My heart was beating fast
i knew Avery was with El. I ran as fast as I could grabbing Louis up by the arm. He was in tears. I jumped in my car with
Louis Following. I drove very fast to the Hospital we past the crash seeing El's car but no bodies were lying out. The car
was flipped over sideways. There was blood all over the road. Which only made us cry harder. We got out of the car at the hospital
and raced in telling the nurse who we wanted to see. She had told us to sit first that she needed to talk to us.
"Ok which one of you are Zayn?" she asked me and Louis both looked at eachother. "He's not with us." i told her.
"Well Perrie past at 3:38 this afternoon,,i'm very sorry will you tell Zayn when you see him." me and Louis closed are eyes
and wished the best for Zayn. "What about Avery." i said standing up. "Your very lucky, she only has a few scratches and
she had a little concusion." she said smiling at me. I was releived at what she said. "and... El?" Louis spoke up.
"I'm sorry.. El is on Life support for 20 days, you can go see them if you would like." she said. Louis was sobbing
"What if she doesn't make it" Louis cried. I looked at the ground and walked into Avery's room. She was awake.
I cried a little more just looking at her she hadd cuts every where.

Avery's POV

I hurt everywhere I just wanted to know if El and Perrie were okay. Harry walked in my room, he let out a gasp and started
to tear up. "Harry don't cry, I'm fine and so is Kenlie." i told him. He came over and sat beside me on the bed. He wrapped
his arms around me and I laid my head on his chest. "Where's El and Perrie?" i asked him. I felt a tear land on chest and I
looked up Harry was crying again. "HARRY WHAT HAPPENED?" I said panicing. "El is on Life support for 20 days and and....
Per-rie is ummmm...-gone." he whispered. I jumped out of the bed and ran out of the door screamiing. I felt someone grab my
waist. "LET GO OF ME HARRY!" i demanded "AVERY STOP IT, SHES GONE." he yelled at me. "NO PERRIE!" i fell to the ground sobbing.
Right as Zayn walked in just to hear every word i said. He froze. He ran out the door cryiing and slammed the hospital door
breaking it and the glass in it. Harry picked me up bridal style laying me back on the bed.

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