Happily Ever After

Avery has a perfectly normal life until her and her boyfriend, Harry Styles, get invited to an old best friends birthday party. Avery will have to live the next 18 years with her precious gift, but what happens when she has her worst nightmare. Is it just a dream or is it her future?"


9. Push

Avery's POV

"Okay Gemma we have to clear out the room you can only have 3 people in here with you" the nurse said. "Okay lets see,
ummm.... I want Mom, Avery and Cayden."  Everyone cleared out pretty quick. Cayden took Gemma's hand and me and Anne
took Gemma's legs. "Ok now Gemma when we count to 3 we want you to take deeo breathes and push" said Dr. Henderson as
her walked in. she nodded with a smile and carried on. "Ok 1... 2 ..3 push" she took very little breathes then pushed.
"Ok 2 more times 1.. 2.. 3.. push".. "Ok Gemma last time baby" Anne said loooking back at her. "1..2...3.. push" she pushed and
out came a cry. "It's a Boy, Gemma!" she started to cry. I came by her side and hugged her, and soon the whole family was in.
Giving hugs, and awwwws.



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